Take Control of Color - Your Color or Accurate Color

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I receive many emails about how to get good color, so I am reposting this post.

In one of my posts last week I talked about color - creating an image with the colors you like, as opposed to accurate colors.

I took the image above in Death Valley, where I am doing a workshop next year. I hope you can jon the fun.

The colors you see, created in Nik Color Efex Pro, are not the natural colors, they are the painterly colors I wanted in my image. The original image is below.

© Rick Sammon
Of course, getting accurate color is important, too. That's what I was striving for when I was working on my iPad app, Flying Flowers.

© Rick Sammon
For accurate in-camera color, I use the Passport Color Checker. Click here to read about this essential accessory for getting accurate color on site. Check out the sale price and save a few bucks.

Passport Color Checker
For accurate color on my desktop and laptop, and even with my printer and digital projector, I use the ColorMunki. Click here to read about this cool color tool. Check out the sales price for this product, too.

Here's a link to a free webinar that my friend Joe Brady is hosting on color!

Here's a short movie I did on getting accurate color. If you like HDR, you'll like this movie.

Here's a post on changing colors in an image using the Color Replacement tool in Photoshop.

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Calibrating Is King If You Want Great Color

Pros who are serious about color take the time to calibrate their desktop monitor, laptop, printer and digital projector - on a regular basis. No calibration, no good color.

If you are new to color calibration, check out the ColorMunki. It's accurate, fast, easy and actually fun to use. Hey, with a name like ColorMunki, what do you expect?

Check out the ColorMunki site, and don't miss the Training Videos.

And . . . don't miss their cool contest, Show Us Your Munki, and win up to $2,500! Some funny videos are posted already!

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