Tanzania photo safari

Virtual Photo Safari Epilogue - Thank You &Beyond

This post brings to a close my week-long posts on my recent photo safari to Kenya's wonderful Masai Mara. The adventure was organized by &Beyond - a leader in Africa travel and tours.

It was truly an amazing experience - made even more amazing by the entire staff at our base camp, Bateleur, and the adjacent camp, Kichwa Tembo.

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I am currently planning a 2012 photo workshop/tour to Tanzania. Shoot me an email if you are interested.

A few special "thank you" notes are in order - in addition to thanking YOU for following along here on my blog. 

Above: Thank you Moses Kibet. Moses was our guide/drive/naturalist for six to seven hours each day. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge.

Above: Moses was also was our on-safari chef. Great yogurt/honey, coffee, buns, fruit, eggs and sausage! And, what a location . . right next to the Mara river that's filled with hungry crocks. :-)

Above left: Thank you Jackson Tunai. Jackson was our expert walking safari guide, who, along with Francis Nkulet, made our on-foot adventures a real, well, adventure. Click here to see Jackson and Francis in action. Don't worry, we out-ran the lions! Thanks guys for keeping us safe. In the photo on the right, Jackson, and his friend Johnston, pose for a photograph.

Above: Thanks to Milka Kerubo, operations manager at Bateleur Camp, and Joseph Masibo, Camp Manager, for keeping on the lights for us after a long day on safari. And, thanks for the room/tent service.  

Above: Thanks to the band/staff who gave us a special pre-dinner performance on the Mara. Even the chef joined the fun.

Below: One more thank you goes to Boniface Oduor (left) who made each and every meal a real treat. Boniface now knows all my best magic tricks, which is why they now call him the "Magic Man." Yes, that's Moses on the right.

Again, thanks to everyone at &Beyond, especially Tarryn Gibson, Market Manger at &Beyond in South Africa, for making our stay so very special.

If you'd like to join me on my 2012 photo safari to Tanzania, shoot me an email.

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P.S. One more tip, illustrated with a photograph from a previous trip to the Mara: Remember that "Composition is the Strongest Way of Seeing." Compose carefully. 

More on composition on my next Kelby Training class, coming December 4th, called: "Composition is the Strongest Way of Seeing." Stay tuned.

Virtual Photo Safari Part VI: See and Shoot Eye to Eye

Each day this week I will take you on a virtual photo safari to Kenya's Masai Mara. Each post will feature a safari tip and a photo tip - or two.

I took the images for the posts on a recent trek to the Masai Mara that was organized by &Beyond, a leader in Africa travel tours. Bateleur was our base camp for the eight-day adventure . . . and what an adventure.

The pictures in the post were taken with my Canon 7D and Canon 100-400mm IS lens.

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Shoot me an email soon if you want to get on the list for my 2012 Tanzania Great Migration workshop/tour.)

Safari Tip: Plan on downtime and download/back-up time between the very early morning and very late afternoon game drives – when most of the action happens. During the late morning and mid-day hours, most of the animals take it easy - some after having had a big, fresh breakfast.

Photo Tip: See eye-to-eye and shoot eye-to-eye. Get down as low as possible in the safari vehicle so you can shoot at eye-level to the subject. The person in the safari vehicle pictured below is in the top-most seat, which is good for viewing, but not the best for photography. The first row, which is lower to the ground, is a much better shooting position. Next to the driver is even better.

Also, try to book an open-sided vehicle, that is, one without glass windows. You'll get clearer shots.

Try black and white. It's fun and creative. Above: I used Nik Software's Silver Efex Pro to create this image of black and white animals - or are they white and black? :-)

Above: Here's a look at the Nik Software Silver Efex main window. For a discount on all Nik plug-ins, as well as some of the other plug-ins I use, click here.

Be prepared for the lions to come very close to your vehicle - which is thrilling. Don't worry, the lions don't recognize you as food as long as you are in the vehicle.

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Virtual Photo Safari Part V: Power Up

I took the images for the posts on a recent trek to the Masia Mara organized by &Beyond, a leader in African travel tours. Bateleur was our base camp for the eight-day adventure - and what an adventure. I took the image above with my Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 24-105mm IS lens.

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Safari Tip: Listen to your guide - very carefully. He or she will tell you when it's okay to shoot, and when it's time to move. Also, don't be bashful about asking your guide/driver to move the safari vehicle a bit left or right or backward or forward so you can get a shot. Guides are there to help you get great shots.

Photo Tips: Bring all necessary power adapters and converters for your cameras and computers (and hair dryer if you use one). Bring a surge protection power strip so you can charge several devices at once. Pack back-up battery chargers and a computer power charger. Ask when generators go off and on and unplug your computer during those times.

If you'd like to get on the list for my 2012 Tanzania photo safari, shoot me an email.

If you would like me to speak about my travels and photography at an event, see this link for info.

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