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Bosque Del Apache Photo Workshop Info

Registration is open for my December 2015 Bosque del Apache digital photo workshop

Here's the info:

Instructors: Rick Sammon and Chris Klapheke, owner of and excellent bird photographer.

Hotel - Best Western, Socorro, New Mexico. (Group rate.) Socorro is about 1.5 hours from Albuquerque, NM. Group rate for Rick Sammon Photography Group.

December 12 - Welcome Dinner.

December 13 - 15 Photograph in and around Bosque del Apache, New Mexico.

December 16 - Optional sunrise shoot. It's over around 7 AM, so you could catch an afternoon flight.

Daily activities:
• Leave hotel around 5 AM so we arrive at Bosque well before the "Blast Off."
• Shoot at crane pools.
• HDR photography at awesome local junkyard. (Download Photomatix)
• Lunch break.
• Process.
• Shoot during the "golden hours" at Bosque.
• Group dinners.
• Possible night trip to the VLA (Very Large Array), pictured below on the left.
• Group slide show/critique session on December 15th.

Workshop cost - $999, and $900 for past Rick Sammon photo workshop participants.

Included in workshop costs - Photo instructions/critiques by Rick and Chris. The workshop is limited to 10 students, so you'll get personal in-the-field and in-the-classroom instructions. 

And.... free download of my on-line class, Master the Art and Craft of Bird Photography.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 2.35.00 PM.png

Additional costs -  Air (Fly into Albuquerque, NM), car rental (but we will carpool in Bosque), all meals and hotel (about $99 a night).

 I hope to see you in Bosque!

Explore the light,

7 Tips for Photographing Running Horses - which you can use on my Provence Photo Workshop

As a prelude to my June 2015 Provence workshop (my second trip to Provence), I thought I'd share some tips for photographing running horses. 

But first: Planning on a Provence workshop - any workshop? My advice: Only go with a pro who has been there. Also, compare costs. As you will find, my workshop is the best-priced workshop around.

OK! Here are my tips!

1 - When photographing groups of horses, try to get as much separation as possible between the horses.

2 - Set you camera to the fastest frame rate to capture the action. A split second can make the difference between a good shot and a great shot.

3 - If a horse is running across the frame, leave some room in front of the horse into which the horse can run. If you frame too tight, the horse will "get stuck" in the frame.

4 - Use the focus-tracking AF system in your camera - AI servo in Canon cameras. Make sure the focus point stays on your subject.

rick sammon provence.jpg

5 - When framing your picture, leave some extra space around the subject so you don't cut off part of the tail, ear or hoof.

6 - Try panning, as illustrated above. You need to get lucky or take lots of shots to get a good pan. Try different shutter speeds, from 1/60th to 1/ 15th of a sec.

7 - Note the position of the horse's legs in your photograph. You want the legs in a position that says "action."

My lens recos for photographing running horses on my Provence workshop:
Canon 24-105mm IS lens
Canon  70-200 f/4 IS lens
Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 IS lens


Landscape photography is also a part of my Provence workshop. My favorite lens for landscape photography is the Canon 17-40mm lens.

I hope to see you on my Provence workshop.

My co-workshop leader, Patrice Aguilar (above right), and I will help you make great pictures - in the field and in the digital darkroom. We'll also take you to the best paella dinner you have ever had!

Finally, on the workshop you will hear me say, probably more than once: If you are not having fun, you are doing something wrong. We make it fun!

Explore the light,

P.S. Yes, we'll do street shooting, too!

Explore the Light with Me in Bosque - on my workshop and/or with my app

Bosque del Apache, New Mexico is one of the best places in the world to photograph birds – especially at sunrise during the "Blast Off" that occurs late in the year.

Sure, there are no "Great Blast Off" guarantees, because the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is not a zoo - but when the light and birds come together (as they have for me for three years), it's an amazing experience – and a fantastic photo opportunity.

I'm running a small-group photo workshop to Bosque in 2015: November 18-22.  We'll shoot and process and have a ton of fun from dawn to dusk. Shoot me an email for info.

All my 2015 photo workshops are listed here.


If you can't make the workshop, or want some pre-workshop info, check out my app, The Beauty of Bosque on my iPhone and iPad Apps page.

Quick lens tip: Have your wide-angle and telephoto zoom lenses handy. You always want to be ready to capture the telephoto and wide-angle shots.

Quick photo tip: Always have your highlight alert activated. You do not want any part of the bird overexposed and washed out – which is easy to do when it comes to white feathers.

Quick travel tip: Pack hand- and toe-warmers. It can get cold in the morning. However, it warms up quickly - sometimes to t-shirt weather.

I hope to see you in Bosque, one way or another.

Explore the light,


Learn Landscape Photography with Me – Anytime and Anywhere

Sunrise on the Mara.

Sunrise on the Mara.

If you like landscape photography, I offer several options for improving your images – anytime and anywhere.

On my workshops.  In 2015 I am offering workshops that include landscape photography: Death Valley, Provence and Croton-on-Hudson, NY.

Sunrise at Angkor Wat. 

Sunrise at Angkor Wat. 

On my workshops we shoot and process, and have a ton of fun doing both! All are welcome.

After sunrise on the Oregon Coast. 

After sunrise on the Oregon Coast. 

On-line. I have a new on-line class on landscape photography with Craftsy: Landscape Photography in the Great Sand Dunes National Park. It includes five HD video lessons and a virtual classroom - where you can share your shots and get my feedback. Very cool! Right now, you can get a 50% discount!

All my KelbyOne on-line courses are listed here.

Sunrise on the dunes in Death Valley.

Sunrise on the dunes in Death Valley.

On-the-go. My iPad and iPhone apps provide on-the-go learning. For landscape photographers: iHDR, 24/7 Photo Buffet and 50+ Tips for Nik Color Efex Pro.

On YouTube and Vimeo.  Scroll down to the bottom of my On-Line Classes/Video page and you'll find several videos that I shot in Iceland and on the Oregon Coast that focus on landscape photography.

That's me speaking for Canon at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 

That's me speaking for Canon at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 

At my seminars.  I share my favorite landscape photographs - and tips, tricks and techniques - at my seminars. I give more than a dozen seminars each year, and love each and every one. What's more, most are free – thanks to Canon sponsorship.

Mono Lake before the crack of dawn. 

Mono Lake before the crack of dawn

Well my friends, I hope to see you . . . somewhere!

Sunrise on Route 66. 

Sunrise on Route 66. 

To help you find the best light for your landscape photographers, my friend Craig Ellis and I developed Photo Sundial. This all-in-one app gives you the sun, the stars, the moon - and much more. Never miss another sunrise or sunset again.

The app is great for on-site shooting, as well as for trip planning. Twenty-five photo tips, too!

Hey, if you find a better priced and more fully-featured sun-finder app, please let me know. 

Explore the light,