Top Ten Reasons to Join My 2017 "Out of Africa & Into Texas" Photo Workshop

Looking for an action-packed, info-intensive and fun-filled wildlife photo workshop? If so, here are my Top Ten Reasons to join my April 2017 Canon Destination "Out of Africa and Into Texas" photo workshop at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas.

But first, if you are going on an Africa photo safari, like my 2018 adventure, this is an excellent opportunity to practice shooting from a moving vehicle and to get familiar with photographing with long lenses.

Okay, here is the info on my "Out of Africa" workshop: Dates: April 5 - 7, 2017

Click here to see some more images. (Video from a previous Canon workshop.)

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One - You’ll get photographs that look as though they were taken on an African Safari. I took all the photographs in this post on my previous trips to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

Two – I’ll be there to help you make good photographs, and so will a Canon rep who knows everything about Canon cameras and lenses.

Three – I’ll help you process your images on site on your laptop - and I'll help you to awaken the artist within with plug-ins.

Four – We’ll have a Canon printer on hand, so you will actually walk away with two great prints of your two best shots.

Five – You’ll get to borrow top-of-the-line, professional Canon digital SLR cameras and telephoto lenses – lenses that will get you up-close-and-personal with the animals.

Six – You’ll have a private tour of the cheetah area, which for many is a highlight of a visit to Fossil Rim.

Seven – We’ll shoot from private safari vehicles, so I'll get you into the best positions to nail the shots. Everyone gets a window seat.

Eight – We’ll have a group slide show/critique session at the end of the workshop, which is a great opportunity to get input on your images. Yes, we have fun, but we take our work very seriously.

Nine – I’ll take you to the best BBQ in Texas. No kidding.

Ten - You'll leave Fossil Rim with a greater knowledge of photography, image processing and your camera. You will also take home some wonderful memories.

I hope to see you at Fossil Rim.   

Explore the light,

P.S. Suggested pre-workshop reading: Creative Visualization for Photographers.