Swing By My Sessions at Photo Plus Expo

It's that time of year again. Time for the annual Photo Plus Expo show in NYC – Octobet 20, 21 and 22.

As usual. I'll be kinda busy at the show. Here's a look at my schedule. I hope you can swing by and say hi.

1 PM • Lexar Booth • New book signing. Book info.
4 PM • Canon Main Stage • EOS M5 Presentation

Noon to 12:45 PM • Canon Live Learning • EOS M5 Live Demo/model shoot.
1:30 PM • Canon Booth • Signing of 100 posters. First come, first serve. Image at the end of this post.
3 PM • Westcott Booth • Lighting Demo/model shoot.
4 PM • Book signing at the Rutledge booth.

10:55 AM • Canon Main Stage • Speedlite Demo/model shoot
12 Noon • Routledge Booth • New Book Signing. Book info.

Can't make PPE this year? Lots to learn in my on-line classes!

Explore the light,

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