Digital Delray Days - Day II

© Rick Sammon
Today was day #2 of my Digital Delray Days. Again, all the students did a great job.

One more Digital Delray Day on Thursday . . . then off to Orlando, Tampa and then Vero.

More pix to come, but for now, a favorite from our base camp: Colony Hotel.

Above: Potomatix HDR, Nik Software's Color Efex Pro/Detail Extractor, Magical Mirror Effect in Photoshop CS5.

Read about HDR and plug-ins here.

Yes. The work of MC Escher inspired my image.

© Jason Eldridge
Above: A cool shot of me shooting my Jason Eldridge:

Explore the light,

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First Annual Digital Delray Days Begins with HDR - and awakening the artist within

© Rick Sammon
Today was day #1 of my Digital Delray Days - an annual event designed to inspire creative photographers in South Florida . . . and from around the country.

We started the day with HDR - capturing the entire dynamic range of a very high contrast scene. Everyone got it! (We also covered flash and people photography.)

Back in my room, I processed my HDR sequence and added a touch of Topaz Adjust/ Dark Ghostly to create the image I saw in my mind's eye. After applying Topaz Adjust, I used Shadows/Highlights in Photoshop to fine-tune my image.

Read more about Topaz Adjust and the other plug-ins I use. Great creative fun.

Above: Middle exposure of my seven exposure HDR sequence.

The idea here is to envision the end-result... and to go beyond HDR images.

If you want to master HDR - and get some ideas for creative HDR images - check out my iHDR app.

Explore the light,

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Florida Photo Caravan: Finale

© Rick Sammon
I'm kinda down tonight . . . already missing my newfound friends (as well as old friends) on my Florida Photo Caravan.

Today we had out last shoot.... model on the beach. Above is my favorite shot from our last shoot, below is another "Behind the Scenes by Susan" shot.

I enhanced my image with the Midnight filter in Nik's Color Efex Pro.  More on my plug-ins here.

I will miss you all! Hope to see you again real soon.

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Catch you later,