Winner of My Post a Patriotic Picture Contest Is gcmandrake

First of all, I want to thank all those who submitted a patriotic picture to my blog. You all made choosing my favorite photograph quite difficult - because the photographs were both emotionally moving and technically pleasing.

But speaking of pleasing, my mother told me when I was young: You can't please everyone.

The picture I chose is shown here, taken by gcmandrake. Here is a link to the image.

I like the feeling of the photograph, the tone, the subject, the depth of field, the shadows, and the composition. But mostly it was the feeling . . . a sad feeling for all those who have lost loved ones in wars.

Hey gc.... you need to send me your address (and real name) so I can send you the two books.

For newcomers to my blog, here is the link to the original post.

Thank you all.

Explore the light,

5.31.11 Tuesday's Talented Twitter Find: Valerie Jardin

This week's Tuesday Talented Twitter Find is Valerie Jardin.

Follow Valerie on Twitter to keep up-to-date with what this talented photographer is doing.

About Tuesday's Talented Twitter Find: Each Tuesday (when I am not traveling) I will pick a talented photographer I find on Twitter - and promote the talented photographer here on my blog and on twitter, etc.

Nice work, Valerie.

Explore the light,

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Photo Seminars, Photo Workshops, Photo Walks and Photo Fun in June

I'm gearing up for my June events - and I hope you can join the photo fun.

June 3-4 Plymouth, MA.

June 24 - Mexico City Seminar and San Miguel de Allende Workshop.

I hope to see you at one of these events. If you can't make one, tell a friend.

Thank you,

Save Your Stuff

This older post came to mind on this Memorial Weekend.

Here is some food for thought: Save your photo stuff. Someday it may be valuable. Or, it simply may be fun to own – and to share with future generations.

Today I was looking at my dad's Morse Code Generator, which he used in the Army in Hawaii during WWII. I got to thinking that he used it as an important communication tool, just as I use my WACOM tablet and stylus as a key communication tool – to help me communicate my photo ideas while working in the Photoshop and Lightroom.

For sure, I am saving my tablet.

Wanna have some fun? Click here and type in a message to hear it in Morse code.

Save your stuff,

P.S. Save old photos, too. For sure, they will be interesting to future generations. Here is a photo of my dad, taken during his U.S. Army days. Very proud of you, Dad.