Canon 5D/7D San MIguel de Allende Diaries Post #6

Today's early morning walk - up and out before the city woke up - yielded more cool shots - including this HDR shot: merged with Photomatix and enhanced with Topaz Adjust.

About 90 percent of our shots are HDR shots - which, naturally, have a much wider dynamic range than my shots from my trip here five years ago.

I think HDR stands for High Dynamic Rockin' images!

Click here for more info in HDR.

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101 Photo Tips for 101 Days

Happy Halloween All!

Here's my treat for this Halloween: 101 Photo Trips for 101 days.

I've been blogging for about six months and I figure I have more than 100 tips in the archives here. If I mis-counted, you'll find more tips here.

Check out one tip day!

Happy Halloween.

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Canon 5D/7D San Miguel de Allende Diaries Post #5

Day #3 here in San Miguel de Allende is coming to close - for me, anyway. We shot all day and we are burnt.

Continuing our theme of shadows, we photographed this woman tonight in the light of a streetlight. Remember: there is always enough light for a picture, as long as you have a tripod.

Personally, I am not big on photographing poverty. But I took this picture because the woman's face is hidden in the shadows.

I think the shadows on the yellow part of the wall add to drama of this photograph.

Remember: Light Illuminates, shadows define.

ISO 2000, Canon 5D Mark II, 24-105mm IS lens.

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Canon 5D/7D San Miguel de Allende Diaries #4

Day #3 here in San Meguel de Allende. The Day of the Dead is only a few days away!

Today we focused on capturing cool shadows. We got up early and made it a point to photograph scenes with dramatic shadows. The first step: find locations that offers nice shadows.

Here are two of my favorite images. It's interesting what you see when you are looking for something - don't ya think?

This weekend,  go out (or stay in) and shoot for great shadow shots. If you get some nice images, share them on my flickr page.

Wanna see a fun video on shadows? Click here. :-)

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Canon 5D/7D San Miguel de Allende Diaries #3

Day #2 PM Today we made pictures, rather than take pictures. What fun! 

We encountered a police officer near a park who was dressed in a traditional uniform. A perfect subject for making a picture.

We asked him if we could take a few photographs, and he quickly said okay.

We had spotted the background earlier in the day - which was a block away from where we met the officer. We walked down the street together. When we got to the location, we directed the the officer to pose in different positions. We took a few pictures (we were shooting HDR) and then said farewell to our new friend  - promising to send a few photos.

When you are out in field, make pictures. Lots more fun than simply taking pictures.

This is an HDR shot compiled from three images. We asked the officer to stand perfectly still during the photo session. See! HDR can, indeed, work for people pictures, too.  

More on HDR at the Plugin Experience.

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