Happy Halloween. An iPad Treat!

Happy Halloween everyone!

As a treat, I am giving away 10 free redeem codes for the iPad version of my flagship app, Rick Sammon's 24/7 Photo Buffet.

Here at the codes!


Please read this: To redeem a code, go to the home screen of the App Store and click "Redeem" in the upper right hand corner. Enter your redemption code and sync your iPad (in this case). Make sure to do so immediately as promo codes do expire and cannot be replaced if this occurs. Sorry friends around the globe, but the codes only work in the US App Store. Also note that the process for redeeming a code is Apple's standard process, not ours.

Explore the light - and enjoy the app!

P.S. It's not yet listed on the B&H Event Space site, but I am giving a talk on apps in the Space on December 13th from 3 to 5 PM.

Good Fun – and Learning – at the Canon Booth at Photo Plus Expo

Several of the photographers who stopped by the Canon booth yesterday at Photo Plus Expo had an opportunity to shoot with the Canon 5D, Canon ST-E2 wireless transmitter, and two Canon Speedlite 580EXII flash units. For a change, I acted as the assistant :-)

The idea was to show how a snapshot with an on-camera flash (left) could be turned into a much cooler shot by using one or two off-camera flashes.

For more tips on lighting, see my latest app, Light It!

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P.S. I am planning some one-day Canon Speedlite sessions (indoors and outdoors) for early next year. Shoot me an email if you are interesting in joining the photo fun: ricksammon at mac.com.

Quick Digital Imaging Tip 27/101: Take The Darn Flash Off the Camera

This is tip #27 of 101 digital imaging tips I plan to post here over the next few months. Stay tuned.

Today's tip: Take the darn flash off the camera!

Once you take the flash out of the hot shot and fire it remotely, a whole new world of creative lighting possibilities away you – because you can place the flash at an angle, and more easily control shadows. You can also use a light modifier (soft box, umbrella, flash diffuser, diffuser etc.) to soften the light.

Here are two shots at I took yesterday at the ExpoImaging booth at the Photo Plus Expo in NYC.

Model: Rebecca Leigh West.

Left photograph: Canon 580EX II (full power) with Rogue FlashBender to camera left.

Right photograph:
Canon 580EX II with Rogue FlashBender to camera left, plus another Canon 580EX II (– 2/3 power) with Rogue FlashBender to camera right.

For more lighting tips, see my lighting book and apps.

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A Quick Thank You

Above: My favorite photo from my shoot at the ExpoImaging booth: Rogue Flash Bender, Canon 580 EX II, Canon 24-105mm IS lens, Canon 5D Mark II. The Rogue Flash Bender rocks.

Above: Lexar travel photography talk.

Above: Unique Photo HDR talk.

Just a quick thank you, after a very long day, to all those who stopped by my presentations at the Lexar, Unique Photo, Nations Photo Lab, Expo Imaging and Wiley booths at the Photo Plus Expo show in NYC.

I'll be there tomorrow.. after a good night's sleep! Saturday, too.

C U there.

Explore the light,