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Photo Sundial is my most popular app – around the world!

Check out this cool app for your iPhone and iPad running iOS 6 or greater: Rick Sammon's Photo Sundial – the all-in-one app that gives you the sun, the stars, the moon - and much more. Never miss another sunrise or sunset again.

The app is great for on-site shooting, as well as for trip planning. Twenty-five photo tips, too!

Hey, if you find a better priced and more fully-featured sun-finder app, please let me know. 

Here's a movie I made on photographing sunrises and sunsets.


Rick Sammon's Light It! is designed for those who want to learn the basics of lighting.

 The app provides access to both video lessons and before/after photographs which a wireless network connection is required.

Total view time is 1.5 hours.



Rick Sammon's 24/7 Photo Buffet: My flagship comprehensive how-to app for travelers Rick Sammon's 24/7 Photo Buffet - for both the iPhone and iPad. It's basically an interactive, how-to e-book that covers a ton of photo topics that you can keep with you 24/7. Improve your pictures indoors, outdoors, with a flash, in natural light, with reflector, diffuser and so on.

Rick Sammon's 50+ Tips for Nik Color Efex Pro"Rick Sammon’s 50+ Tips for Nik Color Efex Pro." The app is actually three iPhone/iPad apps in one: 1) Illustrative app showing before-and-after examples of every filter in Nik Color Efex Pro. These examples can help you awaken the artist within; 2) An app with more than 50 photo tips;  3) Wallpaper app with 50 photographs that can be used as wallpaper for your iPhone and iPad.

Rick Sammon's iHDR – This info-pack app is packed with HDR photos (my latest from around the world), info and movies. It's a great way to learn and experience HDR. The app has the same great content as HDR Portfolio, but with an added Favorites section. It's called iHDR because the app is all about how you can create cool HDR images using your imagination – combined with HDR photography innovations. Click here to download and to start the HDR fun.

Over the years I've written 36 books, Exploring the Light and Face to Face are my favories!

I promise you: these 3 books will make you a better photographer. Click on the book covers to order.