"Tough Love" is Now "Godfatherly Advice"

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In the field, I've been helping photographers make better pictures for about 10 years on my workshops.

On-line, I've been helping photographers around the world make better images (in Lightroom and Photoshop) for about three years with my "Tough Love" Portfolio Review sessions.

Because I am known to some folks as one of the Godfathers of the photo industry, having been in it since 1978, I thought I'd change the name of my "Tough Love" sessions to "Godfatherly Advice."

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In these sessions I can also help you with your photography and with Photoshop and Lightroom enhancements.

Here's how it works:
1) You shoot me an email and we set a time. I am on NY time. 
2) You prepay with PayPal. $125 for the one-hour, private session via Skype. It's not totally necessary, but you should be familiar with Skype Screen sharing.
2a) PayPal account: ricksammon@mac.com.
3) You send me a link to your work and your Skype name.
4) You tell me your time zone.
5) You tell me your goals.
6) Half-hour follow up sessions are $50 . . . if you want one.

Why choose me to review your work? Well, I have been involved with photography since 1978, when I began interviewing some of the photography greats. I have also written 36 books and have 11 apps. Plus, I do lots of on-line training, lead workshops and give seminars.

I hope to see you on line. I am here to help.

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