Creative Visualization for Photographers Seminars


Visualizing the end result image is one of the keys to making a good photograph.

Creative visualization is the main theme in my presentations. 

My presentations (all are welcome) are not just slide shows of pretty pictures. For each image, I share a digital photography tip or a Photoshop/Lightroom technique - or a fun story. And speaking of fun, I like to make all my presentations fun and informative experiences for all.

Bring your questions - and know that no question is too simple or too basic. I'm there to help. What's more, everyone who attends one of my presentations is a student for life. That means attendees can email me questions anytime. Get to know me!


My presentations feature images from my my latest books.

Links to these book on Amazon: Evolution of an Image Creative Visualization.

2019 Seminars

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Photo Expo 2019 • Memphis, TN • Canon EOL Event
August 2-3
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Sedona Photography Symposium • August 18 - 28
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EOL Events are Canon Explorer of Light events.
I've been a member of the EOL program since 2003. It's quite an honor.

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If you can't make a workshop, you take a virtual workshop with me on-line via one of KelbyOne classes.

Need a speaker for an evening or all-day event?  Contact me via email.

My presentations range in length from two to four hours. Topics include:

• Get Motivated, Stay Inspired, Keep Shooting
• Creative Visualization for Photographers
• Exploring the Light (my all day show)
• The Camera Looks Both Ways (people photography)
• HDR The Right Way? (HDR how-to)
• Master the Art and Craft of Bird Photography
• Around the World with a Digital Camera (travel photography)
• The Business Side of Photography (for pros and aspiring pros)
• Photo Philosophies (my famous one-liners)
• Creative Composition (seeing and making pictures)
• Life Lesson We Can Learn From Mother Nature (inspirational talk)
• Speedlite Photography
• Wildlife Photography
• Shooting in Chilly Conditions
• Birds-in-flight Photography