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Photomatix – The folks at HDR Soft were the first to create a cool HDR plug-in and stand-along program. I've been using it since day one - and used it to process the image above. Create cool HDR images in Photomatix. Save 15% when you use this code upon checkout: ricksammon.

Above: Three images from which I created my HDR image.

Perfectly Clear - clears up images - perfectly. It's great for people pictures, but I've found that it also works perfectly for landscapes and wildlife photographs. Save 10% by using this code upon checkout: Rick10.

MacPhun's Intensify Pro can turn a flat, slightly out-of-focus shot into a much cooler shot. Notice more detail in the bird's wings, as well as more contrast and a darker background. Cool feature of Intensify: Layers! Save 10% on MacPhun plug-ins with this code upon checkout: RICKSAMMON.

My on-site fun: We were taking photographs for my latest on-line seminar/class: Master the Art and Craft of Bird Photography.

Topaz Impressions

Topaz Impression - from Topaz Labs - is a new addition to the set of plug-ins I use and recommend to my workshops students.

Totally originally impressionist-like images are possible when you combine a few clicks (on a preset) of a mouse with dozens of slider adjustments.

Great fun. Cool creativity.

Save 15% off  Topaz Labs products! Just use my code - rsammon - when checking out. Save big time on the bundled collection!

Topaz Labs – Save 15% off  Topaz Labs products! Just use my code - rsammon - when checking out. Save big time on the bundled collection!

Speaking of savings, save a bundle on a bundle while you are on the Topaz site. Here's a link to my latest Topaz Webinar - Awaken the Artist Within. 

Focus Pro 2 is a cool plug-in that lets you change the depth of field in an image for a more creative and dynamic photograph. The plug-in also offers sharpening, vignetting, contrast, vividness, clarity, brightness and brush size control.

You'll find creative settings for:
Marco, Portrait, Tilt-Shift, Architecture, Nature . . .
and more.

Click here to fine-tune your focus.


Alien Skin Software offers several cool plug-ins - including Exposure, SnapArt, Blow Up and Bokeh – that can help you create artistic images with just a few clicks of a mouse - or taps of your stylus. I used Exposure on this image. You can save 10 percent on individual plug-ins or save a bundle on the Photo Bundle. Use this code - RSA1010 - upon check out from the Alien Skin Software site.

 onOne Perfect Photo Suite 8 is a cool plug-in that can give you one-of-a-kind creative images.

One of the latest release in the world of stand-alone programs/plug-ins in onOne Software's Perfect Photo Suite 8, which includes Enhance, Portrait, Effects, B&W and Resize - along with Layers and Masks.

 Quick tip: Apply plug-in effects selectively.

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Intensify Pro is designed for Mac users who want to make creative images - while having more fun. Click away to add detail and structure to your landscape and city scape images, or soften details for portraits. Fine tune your images with Pro Contrast and Micro Sharpness.Save 10% on MacPhun plug-ins with this code upon checkout: RICKSAMMON.

Yes, this plug-in works in Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture and Photoshop Elements. Yes, it's fun, but it's also serious: you can even process 16-bit files.

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Tiffen DFX is one of the new plug-ins I've been using. Check it out - and save 10% ( by using this code upon checkout on the Tiffen DFX site: Rick Sammon.

I took this shot in Miami's South Beach on one of my Florida workshops.

 Nik Collection by Google is the all-in-one plug-in for creative photographers.

Color Efex Pro is my favorite.

Awaken the artist within with all of my favorite plug-ins.

Photograph: Tucumcari, NM, along Route 66.

Tonality by MacPhun lets you remove some of the reality from a scene for perhaps a more artistic and more creative image. It's a cool program for making awesome monochromatic images. Save 10% on MacPhun plug-ins with this code: RICKSAMMON.

I teach plug-ins on all my workshops.

Have Some Fun with MacPhun Presets/Textures!

Above: Have some creative phun with these presets from MacPhun: Also, save 10% on MacPhun plug-ins with this code: RICKSAMMON. Plug-ins include: Snapheal Pro, Intensify Pro, Tonality Pro, Focus 2 Pro, Creative Kit+. The Creative Kit is a totally cool product and great d

Want more plug-in creativity and fun. Check out all the software from MacPhun. Again, save 10% on MacPhun plug-ins with this code: RICKSAMMON.