Five January 2016 Florida Events: Workshops, Private Lessons and Two Free Seminars

Want to have some fun while learning digital photography and image processing? Then set your sails for one of my January 2016 Florida events.

I'll be giving two free seminars, one on January 17 in Oldsmar, and one on January 23 in the Miami area. Info to be posted on my Seminars page soon.

I'll be offering two photo workshops in Miami. Info on my Workshops page. Workshop fee is $700.

Want to learn one-on-one? I'm giving private digital photography and Photoshop/Lightroom lessons in Delray Beach (near where the above and below photographs were taken). Cost is $150 an hour. Contact me to book a fun-filled session.

Can't make an event? Check out my newest book, Creative Visualization for Photographers. It's packed with info and photographs meant to inspired and motivate you!

Explore the light - and I hope to see you in the Sunshine State,

My Annual Thanksgiving Message: We Are a Part of Everyone We Meet

Robert M. Sammon, Sr.

Robert M. Sammon, Sr.

Thanksgiving is a week from today, so I thought I'd re-post my annual Thanksgiving message, which I've been posting for several years. If you have a comment on the topic of "We are a part of everyone we meet," please share it here with a Comment.

• • • • •

If you lost someone this year, or know someone who lost someone, you might find this well-known quote comforting: We are a part of everyone we meet.

Several years ago, late one December afternoon, my dad and I were sitting in his study. We were having a nice talk – and a nice time. I looked at him and thought: He looks so happy. The light is just right. I should take a picture - because it might be the last good picture I ever take of him. He was fading.

I thought about taking the picture for about 10 minutes, holding back some tears – thinking about what it would be like not to have him around, after having him around for 88 years - as my dad, and later on in life as the first-pass editor for most of my books. (He was a great editor.)

I finally asked him if I could take a shot. He said sure, with a smile and nod. He knew what I was thinking. I asked him to look out the window, and I took a single shot.

My dad, 91, died suddenly and peacefully and quickly on April 3, 2010. A few hours before, while I was on the other side of the country, I had a dream about him: He had pushed his walker aside and was standing up straight. I had not dreamed about him for at least 20 years. Hummm....

Sure, I am very sad. I get waves of tears. I will miss him more than he probably ever realized. He was my dad, a very big part of my life – in fact, half the reason for my life. :-)

Those of you who know me know I enjoy quotes. Here is my favorite: "We are a part of everyone we meet." Want proof? My dad, Robert M. Sammon, Sr., was a photographer, getting me started, along with my mother, in photography with his cameras and basement darkroom. But more important, he was a good dad - which I try to be. Everyday. I am very glad we met.

You might want to keep that quote in mind when you meet people. I sure do. You may have more of an impact on someone than you realize. 

• • • • •

Here is what a reader of my blog wrote about this picture when it was first published:
- it's full of symbolic, emotional content
- looking into the distance, contemplating the edge (the end) is near, time (watch), space
- life is behind him, yet he is still connected to this world (watch again)
- going through the daily cycle (circular movement in his arms, leading to his aged face)
- growing older by the day
- drawing ever nearer to the edge of darkness
- still grounded to the earth by the cold metal of the walker
- walker keeps him in the photo and connects him to the photographer, his son, his future
-   carry on, carry on my son
- but I am not long for this world
- long have I watched and guided you, but now I am content
- my gaze is directed elsewhere.

Happy Thanksgiving,

What's new? My 36th book: Creative Visualization for Photographers.

KelbyOne Killer Class Combo

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.53.08 AM.png

Cool news! I have have two brand new classes on KelbyOne: How to Get Motivated and Stay Inspired, and Transform Your Home into a Professional Photo Studio.

For sure, these are two of my favorite KelbyOne classes.

If you want to round out your photo learning, I have two more classes that I think you will enjoy: Light, the main element in every photograph, and Composition, the strongest way of seeing.

Together, these classes are what I call my KelbyOne Killer Class Combo.

Click here to see all my KelbyOne classes.

Explore the light,

P.S. Like to learn from books? I have you covered there, too. My new book, Creative Visualization for Photographers, features lessons on Composition, Exposure, Lighting, Learning, Experimenting, Setting Goals, Motivation and more!


Five Ways to Get Inspired and to Stay Motivated

Hey friends, need some photo inspiration and motivation? You've come to the right place, because that's exactly what I've been focusing on lately:

KelbyOne class, Get Motivated and Stay Inspired. In this class I share with you my top ten techniques on how to get motivated and stay inspired.

Click here to see all my KelbyOne classes.

My latest (and 36th) book, Creative Visualization for Photographers, takes you through the process of envisioning the end result. The more you see, the more you'll get inspired and stay motivated.

Perhaps there is no better way to get inspired and to stay motivated than to shoot in the field with other like-minded photographers on a workshop. We photograph from dawn to dusk. Click here to see my 2016 workshop line-up.

I also teach Lightroom, Photoshop and plug-ins on my workshops. The above example illustrateshow I can help you turn a snapshot into a great shot. We focus on image processing, not workflow.

My e-book, Life Lessons We Can Learn from Mother Nature, offers ideas on motivation and inspiration, too!

Plug-ins can help us awaken the artist within. They can also give us inspiration for new photographic idea.

Okay my friends, it's time to get inspired and to stay motivated.

Explore the light,
Rick Sammon


My Latest Camera Bag: Think Tank Retrospective® 7 Leather

Like many pros, I have a mountain of camera bags – each well-suited for a particular shooting situation. The latest addition to Camera Bag Mountain is the Think Thank Retrospective® 7 Leather Shoulder Bag. (The bag comes in other sizes and colors.) Click here to see all the Retro Leather bags.

Everything I need for street shooting fits neatly, securely and safely inside the water-resistant bag. A rain-cover is included for heavy downpours.

Here's a look at the gear I pack in the bag – and why.

• Canon 5Ds - for super-sharp shots;
• Canon 600EX-RT - for accurate flash photographs;
• Canon 24-105mm IS lens – my favorite all-purpose lens;
• Black Rapid strap – for fast shooting;
• Blower brush - to keep my sensor clean:
• Lens cleaning cloth - to keep my lens clean;
• Extra memory cards – to record my 50MB files;
• Extra camera battery - which is tucked inside the bag in one of the side pouches;
• Business cards – in case someone wants to get in touch with me and vice versa;
• Snack bar - because I am always hungry;
• Roll of film - included in this photo to see you were paying attention. :-)
• iPad - for researching a location.

Key features:

  • Full-grain Dakota leather flap and accents complement the casual appearance of the soft, form fitting Retrospective Leather series
  • Expandable front pocket fits up to a 10” tablet or 11” laptop
  • Perfect size for DSLR or mirrorless camera systems
  • Dual cross buckle on front flap for added security

Additional Features

  • Hook-and-loop “Sound Silencers” eliminate the noise of front flap hook and loop
  • High quality YKK zippers, metal hardware, leather accents, premium build
  • Adjustable cushioned nonslip shoulder strap for all day comfort
  • Easily accessible front organizer with key tether
  • Stiffened, padded removable dividers
  • Inner zippered pocket for important documents
  • Removable carrying handle for grab and go convenience
  • Business card slot under the front flap for identification
  • Webbing attachment points to accommodate modular pouches or a carabineer
  • Seam-sealed rain cover included

If you are looking for functional and cool-looking shoulder bag, check out the new Think Thank Retrospective® 7 series.

Explore the light,

What's new? My 36th book: Creative Visualization for Photographers.