Creative Visualization for Photographers Seminars


Visualizing the end result image is one of the keys to making a good photograph.

Creative visualization is the main theme in my presentations. It's also the title of my latest, and 36th book, Creative Visualization for Photographers.

My presentations (all are welcome) are not just slide shows of pretty pictures. For each image, I share a digital photography tip or a Photoshop/Lightroom technique - or a fun story. And speaking of fun, I like to make all my presentations fun and informative experiences for all.

Bring your questions - and know that no question is too simple or too basic. I'm there to help. What's more, everyone who attends one of my presentations is a student for life. That means attendees can email me questions anytime. Get to know me!

2016 Seminars


May 6 • Beaumont, TX • Canon EOL Event
Gulf States Camera Club


May 11 • Denver, CO • Canon EOL Event
Mile High Wildlife Photo Club

May 13 • Las Vegas, NV • Canon EOL Event
Info to come

May 23 • Grass Valley CA • Canon EOL Event

May 26 • Memphis, TN • Canon EOL Event
Memphis Camera Club


June 23 • Chicago, IL • Canon EOL Event
Out of Chicago


August 13 • Seattle, WA • Canon EOL Event
Glazers Camera
Info to come

Oct 14 and 15 • Canon EOL Event
Out of New York

November 12 • McPherson, KS • Canon EOL Event
Great Plains Nature Photographers
Info to come

EOL Events are Canon Explorer of Light Events.
I've been a proud member of the EOL since 2006. It's quite an honor.

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If you can't make a workshop, you take a virtual workshop with me on-line via one of KelbyOne classes.

You will also find on-line classes and e-books in my own on-line store.

Need a speaker for an evening or all-day event?  Contact me via email.

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My presentations range in length from two to six hours. Topics include:

• Get Motivated, Stay Inspired, Keep Shooting
• Creative Visualization for Photographers
• Exploring the Light (my all day show)
• The Camera Looks Both Ways (people photography)
• HDR The Right Way? (HDR how-to)
• Master the Art and Craft of Bird Photography
• Around the World with a Digital Camera (travel photography)
• The Business Side of Photography (for pros and aspiring pros)
• Photo Philosophies (my famous one-liners)
• Creative Composition (seeing and making pictures)
• Life Lesson We Can Learn From Mother Nature (inspirational talk)
• Speedlite Photography
• Wildlife Photography
• Shooting in Chilly Conditions
• Birds-in-flight Photography