Welcome to my on-line music room – the place for aspiring amateurs to gain information and inspiration. As you will see, it's not that hard to turn boring chords to beautiful chords, dull blues to fab blues, and more (to come).

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Sound Cooler on the Keyboard Lesson #1 - Play in 4ths

Playing in 4ths sound cooler than playing in 3rds. Click the image to learn.

Strengthen Your Playing with "Vitamin Open E." Click the image to play.

Have hours of fun with Open E tuning. Click the image to play.

Turn Standard Blues into Sexy/Jazzy Blues

Here's a quick way to make a standard blues progress way cooler - and sexier. Click the image to play.

From Drab to Fab Chords

In this lesson you will learn how to play a cool E-7 blues progression – turning drab chords into fab chords using just a few simply and fun tricks. Click the image to play.

From Boring to Beautiful Piano Chords

A basic Am to Dm progression can be pretty boring, if you play the standard notes in the chords. I'll show you how to turn those boring chords to beautiful chords by adding some cool notes in the right had. Click the image to play.

Quick Drop D Tuning Lesson

Drop D tuning produces an open and romantic sound. Click the image to play. Click here for a great deal on Martin guitar like mine.

Express Your Creative Vision

In photography, creative visualization is the key. It's the subject of my 36th book. Same holds true for music. Click to the image to see what I am talking about.

One Minute with My Martin

This is not a how-to video, but you may get some ideas on harmonics. Click image to play.

I'm Jammin'

Looking for the coolest travel guitar – and one of the coolest guitars out there? Click the image to learn more!

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More how-to videos to come. Thanks for watching!