: Canon 5D Mark II

What are your favorite 5D Mark III and 600EX-RT features?

The Canon 5D Mark III is now available. Click here to read about this awesome digital SLR. (Mine just arrived this week and I am working on a post.)

Canon also announced the Speedlite 600EX-RT (above) and the Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT (below).

Click here to read an article by Canon's Rudy Winston about the new radio – yes friends, radio – wireless flash system. Thanks for the great article Rudy!

Click here for more 600EX-RT info.

I am gathering "My favorite features" comments – for both the camera and flash system – here on my blog. Please leave your in the Comments section - so I can easily track. Juan Pons and I will share your comments on the DPE Podcast. Please leave your real name.

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Gearing Up for My 5D Mark III


I'm selling my Canon 5D Mark II with grip. I'm gearing up for my Canon 5D Mark III.

One Battery
One Charger
SmugMug cool strap
Brand new 16GB Lexar card
DVD on how to shoot HD videos - $50 value.

Click here to read about the awesome new camera.

If you are interested in my 5D Mark II, please give me a call at 914-271-6132 - or shoot me an email.

US shipping only.

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Day I: Parish Kohanim Studio Shoot

© Rick Sammon
We had a ton of fun shooting in Parish Kohanim's  Atlanta studio today. We shot speedlites and studio strobes.

Above: Canon 580EX II speedlite in Westcott Apollo soft box.

Click here to see all my gear.

Amazing what you can do with one light.

When you think you need two lights, use one light. When you think you need three lights, use one light.

Model: Chelsea Hayes

More info to come.

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P.S. For more lighting tips, see my apps.

Death Valley Workshop Day 2 - Perfecting Panos

© Rick Sammon
Today we shot panos. Here's a five-shot, hand-help pano I took with my Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 17-40mm lens. I stitched the image in Photoshop's Photomerge.

I added the color in Nik's Color Efex Pro with the a Graduated filer and a Film Nostalgic filter.

When it comes to color, think like an artist.... make your own color.

Click here to learn more about Nik and the other plug-ins I use.

Below is my original pano minus the color I added.

© Rick Sammon
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Day One At Dave's: One Light Wonders

© Rick Sammon
Day one of my workshop at the Dave Cross Studio in Oldsmar, Florida was a blast! I had eight students learning the benefits of shooting with one light source: speedlite in a Westcott Apollo softbox.

The image was taken with my Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 25-105mm IS lens. I had my Canon 580EX II placed in the Westoctt soft box. Click here to see all my gear.

Above:  Kathy Porupski was our voice activated light stand for the shoot. Kathy also helped with the model. Thanks Kathy!

Above: Your full-service instructor at work. Thanks Jason Ludwig for the nice behind-the-scenes image.

To the students: You all did a great job!

Stay tuned for more images from the workshop.

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P.S. For more lighting tips, see my apps.