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Rick's Big Cats is My Newest Cool App

Photographs © Rick Sammon
For all those big and small cat lovers out there, I have developed, along with app developer Keith Kolmos, my first wall paper app: Rick's Big Cats - for both the iPad and iPhone.

The app, which cost only 99 cents, contains 20 of my favorite pictures of lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, cougars, jaguars and serval cats - photographs that look wonderful on the iPad and iPhone.
Photograph © Rick Sammon
I photographed the big cats in Africa, Belize and in wildlife parks throughout the United States.

Most of the big cats were photographed with my Canon 100-400mm IS lens. Click here to read about all my gear.

© Rick Sammon
From within the app you can email a photo to your friends and even share it on Facebook and twitter - with cat lovers around the world.

© Rick Sammon
I hope you enjoy the app. Click here to see all my app.

About Keith: Keith Kolmos is a hobbyist photographer and freelance app developer from Elgin, Illinois. Keith's other cool apps: Dis Photo A Day 2012Christmas Photo A Day 2011I Heart U Photos,Trak4, and Trak4 Lite.

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Virtual Photo Safari Part II: Planning is Key

Each day this week I will take you on a daily virtual photo safari to Kenya's Masai Mara. Each post will feature a travel tip and a photo tip - or two. 

I took the images for the posts on a recent trek to the Masia Mara organized by &Beyond, a leader in African travel tours. Bateleur was our base camp for the eight-day photo safari.

Safari Tip: Plan your safari well in advance. Do a Google search on the weather, where and when most of the animals might be in a certain location, if off-road driving is allowed, medical precautions and so on. Do your search well in advance, as even taking several different meds may require specific timing.

Photo Tip: Use a zoom lens for maximum framing flexibility. All of these photographs were taken with my Canon 100-400mm IS lens on my Canon 7D. If you use a fixed focal length lens, you may run the risk of cutting off part of the animal's body in your photograph. Also, try to shoot around f/8 - where this, and most lenses, are the sharpest. Important: always sharpen selectively. In these examples, I only sharpened the animals. Here is a movie/lesson on selectively sharpening.

For more travel photography tips, see the travel section of my creativeLive class, or my ebook, Travel and Nature Photography.

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P.S. If you plan on going to Kenya, have been to Kenya, have dreams of going to Kenya, or simply want to read a wonderful adventure book, check out West with the Night.