Frozen Planet

Discovery Channel's "Frozen Planet" is a "Must See"

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If you are not watching "Frozen Planet" on the Discovery Channel, you are missing out on some stunning photography. Tune in each week to see the changing of the seasons.

I was fortunate to be the resident photo pro on two trips to Antarctica, one of the locations the show explores. I took one of my favorite photographs -  Family Meeting In Antarctica - at the "bottom of the world."

I used my Canon 100-400mm IS lens on my Canon 5D for this image.

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Discovery Channel's "Frozen Planet" is Fantastic

Did you guys see "Frozen Planet" last night on the Discovery Channel? It was awesome. Tune in for the series!

Above is a shot I took on one of my Antarctica workshops. Recognize any animal?

Below is a shot I took in the sub-Arctic. Look familiar?

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When shooting in the snow, a polarizing filter is a must.

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P.S. If you plan on shooting in cold conditions, check out these cool gloves, which will keep your fingers warm.