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My Classes at the California Photo Fest

I'm getting ready for my classes at the California Photo Fest next month. Can't wait!

I'll be teaching Social Media Marketing, which includes info from my Social Media Marketing for Photographers app.

I'll be leading a few photo walks, at sunrise and sunset and in between. The highlight being a photo session with horses running on the beach.

I have a speedlite class, where I will share a few one-light wonders, some of which are included in my apps.

And I have two plug-ins sessions where I'll talk about removing the reality from a scene, as I did below on my image from Coney Island.

I hope to see you at the festival. It's not only a great learning experience, but it's a ton of fun!

Explore the light,

P.S. Click here to see all my events, which includes my Alaska workshop with Hal from Light.

Social Media Marketing for Photographers & The Business Side of Photography: April 10th Webinar

When I started out in the photo biz in 1979 as editor of Studio Photography, the buzz phrase for photographers was, "Publish or Perish." If a photographer did not get his or her name out there, they had a good chance of disappearing from the photo scene. I saw that happen more than a few times.

Today, the same philosophy holds true. A photographer must get his or her name out there or run the risk of falling by the wayside. I see that happening more and more . . . and more.

The photographers who are hurting - or not growing - have one thing in common: they have not embraced social media, using free tools like Google+ (the best social media tool), facebook and twitter to gain a following.

So my friends, you need to "Socialize or Succumb."

I'm doing a live webinar (a narrated Keynote show) on Social Media Marketing for Photographers on April 10th at 5 PM Eastern time. Cost for the one-hour webinar is $29.95. The download after the event is also $29.95. Durning the webinar, I will discuss the social media tools and techniques I use. I'll also give some business advice.

This webinar is designed for those just getting started in social media. Shoot me an email to get on the info list. Space is limited.

Until the webinar (and after the event), set aside some time each day to socialize your photography. The more you put in, the more you'll get out.

Sure, you can spend a lot of time with social media, but... never mistake motion for action.

Explore the light,

Google+: Good. Clean. Fun.

A friend of mine recently asked me, "Are you an expert on Google+?"

At the time, I replied no. I'm still no expert, but since then, I have tired to learn as much as possible about Google+ – because it's a must in the world of social media marketing.

Here is a wonderful source of info on Google+, written by Colby Brown. In addition to lots of great how-to info, Colby sets the record straight about the Terms of Service.

Condensing what I know about Google+:

It's good - good for growing your business, making contacts, sharing information.

It's clean - I just love the super clean design.

It's fun - I, and all my friends and associates, are having more fun on Google+ than on any other social media platform.

I will be talking about Google+ in the Business/Social Media segment of my creativeLive class. I hope to see you there!

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P.S. Here is my Google+ page.

Think Social Media. Think Internationally!

Today, social media is media. With social media, you have potential customers around the planet. How cool is that?

If you are thinking of producing a book, DVD, iPhone/iTouch app or an iPad app, or a PDF e-book, think of the international market while you are developing your product. The market is huge!

Use Google Analytics to track stats. If you have an app, use AppVis. I check it every day :-)

For more social media tips, scroll down on this blog.

Explore the light - and the international market,

Social Media Marketing Week - Day 4

I am giving my Social Media Marketing talk at the Palm Springs Photo Festival this week. Good fun, and of course, good info if you want to grow your business.

This week's posts will focus on Social Media Marketing. I'll post a slide or two from my show along with a tip or two.

I had a ton of fun putting together this slide show. It features my favorite photographs paired with my favorite social media tips.

Today's advice: Target your audience. If you don't, you are mistaking motion for action.

Also, use Quitter and Twitter Grader to keep track of how you are doing!

Explore the light,

P.S. At the festival, I will also be interviewing the pros for the podcast I do with Juan Pons over at the Digital Photo Experience.