Topaz Adjust

Create a Painterly Quality Image

Photograph © Rick Sammon
For what ever reason, I find that I am playing with plug-ins more and more - with the goal of removing some of the reality from the scene, and with the hope of creating a more artist or painterly-quality.

Many of my friends are doing the same thing.

Here I used the Crisp filter in Topaz Clean to soft the image and to subdue the colors.

I added the frame in Photoshop's CS5's Actions.

Click here to see all the plug-ins that I use - and to save a few bucks.

I took this shot with my Canon 7D and Canon 100-400mm IS lens.

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You Save While I Shoot in NYC

I'm off to shoot and teach at Photo Plus in NYC this weekend.

While I am shooting, you can save a few bucks on plug-ins! 

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Topaz Adjust is just too cool. Above I used the Spicify Effect. Click here to order Topaz Adjust. Hey, save a bundle when you order a Topaz bundle.

Topaz B&W Effects - bundle it with Topaz Adjust
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"Awaken the Artist Within" Topaz Adjust Webinar. 4.11.11

Left Original. Right Topaz Adjust/Portrait Smooth
I truly believe that every photographer, and that includes you, has an artist within - an artist that can be awakened in the digital darkroom by using creative plug-ins. An artist that can make your time sitting at your computer, processing your images, more fun.

One of my favorite plug-ins is Topaz Adjust. With a click of your mouse and a swipe of a slider, you can transform your pictures into more creative - and professional looking - images.

In my Topaz Adjust Webinar on April 11 at 5 PM Easter Time, I'll share with you my favorite effects. I'll also take your questions.

Create a painterly look from a photograph. I'll show you how.

Topaz Adjust's Spicify Filter

I hope you can join me for the plug-in fun.

If you have never tried Topaz, click here for info. Also, you can $ave a bundle of $ when you order a Topaz Bundle. The Photoshop bundle is my favorite.

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See you (okay, I really will not be able to see you, but I will get your questions) on the Webinar.

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P.S. You'll find more examples of how creative plug-ins can enhance your images in my latest iPad app, Rick Sammon's HDR Portfolio.

Back by Popular Demand: Topaz Adjust Webinar

After Topaz Adjust/Color Stretch
Before Topaz Adjust
Hi All -

Due to popular demand, I am redoing my Topaz Adjust Webinar (from two weeks ago) on April 11. I hope you can join the on-line training, learning and fun.

Click here to register. Space is limited. Sorry.

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P.S. For more examples of Topaz Adjust, as well as some of the other plug-ins that I use, see below:

Rick Sammon's HDR Portfolio
Soon to be renamed: iHDR.
User feedback suggested that this instructional app is all about . . . 
Images, Imagination and Innovation. Hence the i in iHDR.

My newest how-to app for the iPad is now available: Rick Sammon's HDR Portfolio (soon to be renamed - Rick Sammpn's iHDR). This app is packed with photos (my latest), info and movies. A great way to learn and experience HDR. Same great content, but when the new version is release, it will feature a Favorites section, which is very cool.

Give Topaz a Try

What a beautiful day in NY! Sixty degrees!

It was so nice in fact that I took a walk over the Bear Mountain Bridge, which stretches over part of the Hudson River.

My original image, below, was kinda lackluster, so I spiced it up with the Spicfiy filter in Topaz Adjust.

Give Topaz a try. All it takes is one click You'll like it!

Here's the link.

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