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Your Passport to Accurate Color

Hey Gang

I don't know about you, but I am a nut about color.

Sometimes I want and need accurate color, as when I was working with the scientists on my butterfly book, Flying Flowers - which I turned into an app called Butterfly Wonders.

At other times I want more vivid color, as when I am working on a travel photography piece that includes several sunset pictures.

Here is a link to an article I wrote on getting Knockout Color.

And here is a link to an article (much more technical than mine) on color management by my friend, the King of Color Management, Eddie Tapp.

For those times when accurate color is a must, I use the colorchecker Passport from x-rite. Here's how it works: You take a picture (RAW of course) of the 24-patch Passport, load the included camera calibration software CD on your computer, open your target image in the program, makes a few clicks of your mouse (or taps of your stylus) - and you are on your way to accurate color. Actually, you were on your way to accurate color before sitting down at your computer. :-)

Enjoy your journey and explorations into the world color. 

Explore the Light,

P.S. As long as I am talking about passports, when I travel internationally, I pack a copy of my passport in my checked bags and in my camera bag (s). That way, if I lose my passport, I have a backup I can take to an embassy. Also, if my bags are checked by airport security, the agents can ID me quickly.

Don't Drink and Print

Did you know all of the following affect how you see colors:

- Drinking coffee, coke, etc.
- Stress
- Being tired
- Alcohol
- Age

The next time you set out to calibrate your monitor, make a print, or just want to work on an image in the digital darkroom, keep all those things in mind.

I gotta go. I have so much to do, which is causing me stress. I have to take a nap because I'm tired. I am 59, but I still have lots of energy – because I drink tons of Diet Coke! Maybe tonight I can relax and have a drink at happy hour :-)

Explore the Light,
P.S. This idea for this post was generated by a discussion I had with a few friends about the Colormunki - the calibration device I use to calibrate my monitor, printer and projector – before I have my cup o' Joe :-)