Why KelbyOne is #1 in Combining On-Line Video Training, Live Events and Member Benefits

KelbyOne is #1 when it comes to combining on-line courses and live-learning - and in putting on one of the coolest learning opportunities for photographers: Photoshop World, where I had the honor of being one of the instructors this past week.

Sure, one of the reasons I like these guys is because they did a great job producing the 14 on-line classes I have on their site.

In my classes I show end-result images and behind-the-scenes shots. Here I am showing some Sri Lanka stick fishermen some of the images I took of them with my Canon 5D Mark IV and 24-105mm IS lens.

But then again, the KelbyOne team does a great job on all its classes, taught by the top pros in the industry, many of whom are my friends!

But there's more:

As a KelbyOne member, you also have access to nationwide seminars and Lightroom Magazine (I have an article in the current issue) and cool discounts.

And don't forget The Grid (airs every Wednesday at 4 PM Eastern), which is a free, weekly KelbyOne on-line program that can help you become a better photographer. It was a blast being Scott's guest a few months ago. Check out the show!

Scott also has an awesome blog, Photoshop Insider.

Here is another reason why KelbyOne is #1: It starts at the top. :-)

Explore the light,

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P.S. Actually . . . the main reason KelbyOne is #1 in my book: the have cool hats!