So You Don't Have Time . . .

Here is a short homily about making the time to do something.

Way back in 1979 I was the editor of Studio Photography magazine. Great fun.

One day, my boss, Mr. Rudolph Maschke, told me to do something.

I said, “I am sorry, Mr. Maschke, I don’t have the time.”

He asked, “Mr. Sammon, who is the most beautiful girl in the world?”

I replied, “Jacklyn Smith,” who was recently featured on our cover.

He said, “Mr. Sammon, if she called you up and invited you to a 20-minute lunch, would you jump on your motorcycle and go?”

I quickly said, “Sure!”

He said, “Get to work, Mr. Sammon.”

His message: If you really want to do something, you’ll find the time. I agree.

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