My Popular KelbyOne Classes

Sure, there are lots of on-line composition classes, but I promise you, none are as comprehensive as my new KelbyOne class: 20 Time-Proven Rules of Composition.

My new 1.5 hour class includes 253 slides from more than 20 worldwide/US destinations. All the major rules, as well as some of my composition philosophies, are included. Now that is comprehensive!

Turn Your Home Into a Professional Quality Studio. In this class I show you how you can use some basic lighting equipment and affordable accessories to get professional quality image – all in the comfort of your own home.

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Composition - the strongest way of seeing. Composition – What is it? Learn to compose technically and emotionally. Take a trip around the world to explore what works and what doesn’t. From leading lines and rules of thirds, to patterns, contrast and viewpoint, you’ll learn the rules before you break them with amazing tips, tricks and techniques for composing photos that tell stories with feeling!

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My KelbyOne on-line class, Capturing the Wild: Safari Photography, is a live, in-studio narrated Keynote slide show that will help you "tell the whole story" of your photo adventure. In addition, you can use many of the same tips when photographing at a wildlife park, nature center, on a photo workshop, and while traveling. Animal, people and landscape photography are covered, as well as planning and packing for a trip. Basic digital enhancements are also illustrated.

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Exploring Digital Photography was recorded a few years ago, but the principles are still the same. This class is a live recording of one of my presentations. Since the recording, I have added lots of new material and photographs to my seminars.

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Light - the main element in every photograph. No matter what kind of photography you are into, it’s all about the light. Join me and learn just how important light is to every photograph. You’ll learn about the importance of envisioning the end result, different ways you can control the light, and more. 

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Check out my Landscape Photography class on Craftsy. Click here to save Save 25%!

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Here are a few of my favorite how-to videos.

My Camera Settings vs. Your Creative Vision
Photographing Horses
See the Light
Shooting Panos

Daylight fill-in flash and using Rapid Boxes
Creating a Cool Shot with Ice Lights
Using A Reflector
Create a Nice Silhouette

Envision the end-result. Quick tips on HDR.

My talk at Google: Travel Photography 

Check out my YouTube channel. Lots of quick how-to videos. Just click on the clouds.