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You can learn from my tips, tricks and techniques  24/7 - no matter where you live in the world. Check out my on-line video classes and how-to videos. As you will see, I like to make learning fun! Speaking of fun and travel photography, check out these travel photography tips.

Popular KelbyOne Classes

Composition - the strongest way of seeing. Composition – What is it? Learn to compose technically and emotionally. Take a trip around the world to explore what works and what doesn’t. From leading lines and rules of thirds, to patterns, contrast and viewpoint, you’ll learn the rules before you break them with amazing tips, tricks and techniques for composing photos that tell stories with feeling! 

Light - the main element in every photograph. No matter what kind of photography you are into, it’s all about the light. Join me and learn just how important light is to every photograph. You’ll learn about the importance of envisioning the end result, different ways you can control the light, and more. 

Canon 5D and Canon 5D Mark II classes. Simply put, you must know what all those buttons, dials and knobs do on your camera. These classes are your video instructional manuals that make learning camera controls fast, easy and fun.

You might find these classes beneficial even if you have a different model Canon camera. The basics are the basics.

Need some inspiration and motivation? Check out my interview on Kelby Training.

Digital SLR Basics.  New to digital SLR photography? Cool! In this class I'll show you how use all those buttons and dials to fine-tune your pictures and to capture with your camera what you see with your mind's eye. Like my other other classes on Kelby training, each part is illustrated with my favorite images.

Basic Landscape Photography Class on Crafsty

Like landscape photography? Check out my Craftsy class on basic landscape photography - for 50% off!

I'm working on photography TV reality show: Exposure. Check out our promo video. More info to come.

I'm working on photography TV reality show: Exposure. Check out our promo video. More info to come.

Check out my YouTube channel. Lots of quick how-to videos. Just click on the clouds.