Arches National Park

What's Your Favorite National Park - and Why?

Bryce Canyon National Park. © Rick Sammon
I'm on a National Park kick today. I was just wondering: What is your favorite National Park - and why?

Post a comment in the Comments section here on my blog. I - and other blog followers/National Park lovers - would love to hear your thoughts. What's more, if you have pictures, include a specific link. Share and share alike.

Mt. Rainier National Park. © Rick Sammon 
Explore the light - and explore the wonders and beauty of our National Parks.

Zion National Park. © Rick Sammon
Arches National Park. © Rick Sammon
If you enjoy or parks, and want to help preserve them, check out the National Parks Conservation Association.

All the photographs in the post were taken with my Canon digital SLRs and Canon lenses. See my Gear page for info. Enjoy the weekend!

P.S. If all these pictures look sharp, it's because I sharpened them with Nik Software's Sharpener Pro. You can get a 15% discount on all Nik Software if upon check out you use this code: RSAMMON.

"Who's the Dummy Now?"

It's Day 7 of my Southwest Photo Caravan in Utah. We started out in Arches National Park and then moved to Bryce. Right now we are in Zion. All the workshop students are doing wonderful work.

On Day 1, I told everyone not to speed in the parks and along the state roads. This is good advice if you come here.

Well, all I can say is, "What a dummy!"

As we were riding down State Road 89, I spotted a dummy in a police vehicle at the beginning of a small town. Of course, this police set-up is designed to keep people from speeding. Good idea!

As we were leaving the small town, I spotted another police set up. So, because I like to have fun on my workshops, I popped out of my car for a quick fun shot. There was not a policeman in sight when this picture was taken. This is just a fun set-up shot.

Speaking of my photo caravan, some of the folks rented cars from "Rent a Wreck." Here's a shot of one of our pit stops. :-)

Actually, this is an official stop on my photo caravan. It's great for HDR and straight photography. Juan Pons and I will be stopping here on the May 2011 Digital Photo Experience (DPE) Photo Caravan. I hope you can join the fun. Contact us through DPE – where I have been posting pictures from the workshop all week.

Here's my latest shot, from Bryce today at sunrise. The canyon seemed to be aglow with the morning light.

Explore the light,

Landscapes Posts Next Week on DPE

Dead Horse Point State Park, UT.
Photograph © Rick Sammon. All rights reserved.

Next week I'll be posting pictures/tips as often as possible from my Southwest Caravan Workshop over at the Digital Photo Experience.

Our team of 12 will be shooting in and around Arches, Bryce and Zion - straights shots and HDR. If you happen to be there and spot us, please stop by and say hi!

We have all our permits* – which are necessary these days – from the Park Services. If you plan to run a workshop in a National Park, my advice is to get the permit. If you plan to join a workshop, ask the instructor if he/she has a permit.

Explore the light - and see you over at DPE!

* To get a permit, you need insurance. Plus, someone in your group needs to know CPR.