Big Cats

Rick's Big Cats is My Newest Cool App

Photographs © Rick Sammon
For all those big and small cat lovers out there, I have developed, along with app developer Keith Kolmos, my first wall paper app: Rick's Big Cats - for both the iPad and iPhone.

The app, which cost only 99 cents, contains 20 of my favorite pictures of lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, cougars, jaguars and serval cats - photographs that look wonderful on the iPad and iPhone.
Photograph © Rick Sammon
I photographed the big cats in Africa, Belize and in wildlife parks throughout the United States.

Most of the big cats were photographed with my Canon 100-400mm IS lens. Click here to read about all my gear.

© Rick Sammon
From within the app you can email a photo to your friends and even share it on Facebook and twitter - with cat lovers around the world.

© Rick Sammon
I hope you enjoy the app. Click here to see all my app.

About Keith: Keith Kolmos is a hobbyist photographer and freelance app developer from Elgin, Illinois. Keith's other cool apps: Dis Photo A Day 2012Christmas Photo A Day 2011I Heart U Photos,Trak4, and Trak4 Lite.

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Where in the World? Wednesday

Well, it's Where in the World? Wednesday once again.

All these big cats were photographed in the same place - so to speak. First correct answer gets an autographed copy of my new Field Guide to Digital Photography (click on the picture of the book cover on the right for info).

US only due to shipping.

As you know, I try to be a bit tricky about my questions. . . As always, be as specific as possible.

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P.S. I am launching a series of "Big Cats, Big Prints" soon. Stay tuned.