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My Shooting Session with "Annie Leibovitz" - And a Flash Lesson

Yes, Annie does look a little waxy in this photo, as does Fidel. I am sure you know why :-)

Anyway, the top photo illustrates one of my photo philosophies: Take the darn flash off the camera! Here I am using a flash bracket and a coil cord. With that set up, I can place the flash above the lens for both vertical and horizontal pictures, so that the shadow from the flash falls behind the subject, and not next to it. (Of course, it's best to avoid a shadow all together, which you can do by balancing the light from the flash to the available light.)

The bottom left picture was taken with the flash in the camera's hot shoe. Oh no!

The bottom right picture was taken with my off-camera flash set-up, which includes a flash diffuser to soften the light. Now that's more like it.

A bracket/coil cord set-up is great for on-the-go, one-person shooting. If you have an assistant to hold a flash, or if you can mount a flash/flashes on a stand/stands, a wireless controller offers much more flexibility.

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P.S. Wax museums are actually good places to practice taking indoor pictures. Fun, too. I guess you know you've made it as a photographer when you get waxed. These photos were taken about eight years ago at Madam Tussauds in NYC. More recent additions include Barrack Obama and Sponge Bob.

Live from the Light Photograhic Workshops: Mastering Fill Flash in a Must

This week's blog posts will be devoted to my time here on the West Coast at the Light Photographic Workshops - formerly the Lepp Institute. As usual, I'll give a photo tip for each post.

Today we worked on fill-flash. We all got some nice shots. Two of mine are here, as well as one by Bob Canepa! Thanks Bob!

Tip: Camera on Manual. Meter the sky. Underexpose by 1 stop. Flash on. Exposure compensation to -1 for starters. Adjust flash until you are happy with subject brightness.

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Eyes on Africa Days 6/7: Don't Leave Home Without a Flash

A good friend of mine is going on an African photo safari in the fall. How cool. He asked me if he should bring a flash.

Well, I sent him this set of pictures: middle, no flash; ends, flash. Guess what? He's packing a flash :-)

Here's an article I wrote on daylight fill flash that you may like.

And here's an article on flash for Canon users.

If an African safari is on your "bucket list," I am leading two awesome African photo safaris in 2010:
Kenya and Rwanda.

Closer to home, yet still with a taste of Africa, I am leading a workshop to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (Glen Rose, Texas) in December. Not posted on my site yet.

NOTE: I have reserved the tents and safari lodge. Dates are December 11-13, 2009. Cost to come. Drop me a not if you are interested. Only seven tents.

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