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Download a Rick Sammon Image 'Till the End of the Year

Photograph © Rick Sammon
Hi All,

Until the end of the year, I am offering a one-time/personal, high-res download of one of my top selling images: "Here Comes The Sun." The cost is $9.99.

You can download the image from my SmugMug gallery and make your own print or screen saver.

If you are new to downloading images from SmugMug, here's how to do it.

Select an image in a gallery. Click on Buy.

Click on Downloads and make your purchase.

That's it!

Hey, if you are not using this feature in SmugMug to make yourself a few bucks, give it a try.

And if you don't have a SmugMug Pro account, you can save 20 percent by using this code: RICKSMUG20.

Explore the light,

$ave Some $ This Holiday $eason

Season's Greetings. Yikes, I can't believe I just said that. This year went by way too fast.

Anyway, 'tis the season . . . to save as much as possible. Heck, some of us have kids in college.

Here are a few savings I thought I'd pass along to you.

Ho Ho Ho,

Save big bucks on selected Westcott lighting gear - for 12 weeks no less.

Canon USA is holding a Holiday Shopping Spree. Cameras, camcorders, ink, paper, printers, projectors and scanner.

Nations Photo Lab is offering 30% off its latest cool product, Gallery Blocks.

Nik Software is offering discount pricing on many of its plug-ins. Save more $ by using this code upon check out: RSAMMON.

You save 20% on a Smugmug account if you use this code: RickSmug20.

If you print out the above screen grab and send it in with your application for my Croton workshop, you can save $100.00.

All of my books are discounted, some up to 34%, on My top-selling book are listed at the bottom of my Meet Rick page.

Save 15% on Photomatix, a cool HDR plug-in, by using this code upon checkout: ricksammon.

Happy Holidays,