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Hey all.

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Master Your Flash Workshop Roundup

Photograph by Rick Sammon
Yesterday, I ran my October Master Your Flash workshop here in Croton-on-Hudson, NY. The group, 10 dedicated and talented students, had a ton of flash fun - and flash learning, of course.

BTW: Having a small group gives everyone the opportunity to shoot - and walk away with cool photographs. That's why I limit the size of these groups.

Photo by Susan Sammon
FYI: To add a beautiful glow to our model's face, I used the Glamour Glow filter in Nik Color Efex Pro. You can get a 15 percent discount on all Nik software by using this code upon checkout: RSAMMON.

Shoot me an email to get on my Master Your Flash/Canon Speedlite Photo Sessions.

Photograph by Susan Sammon
Our main lighting sources were Westcott 28-inch Apollo Speedlite Kits, which produced beautiful and soft lighting.

We triggered our Canon 580 EX II speedlites with Pocket Wizards.

It was cool that we were able to transform a small room, originaly designed as office space, into a cool photo studio, using a few accessories, including a cool hand-painted background from Westcott.

Photograph by Rick Sammon
The  students were introduced to my latest speedlite lighting accessory - the Rick Sammon Light Controller (used above). I can't show it to you here, but I will be using it on my creativeLive class in two week. :-) :-)

You'll see the reason for the happy faces during the class.

Photograph by Rick Sammon
The students really enjoyed working with Honl gels because the gels added to, and changed, the mood of their photographs. You can save 10% on all Honl speedlite accessories by using this code upon checkout: RICK2011.

Photo by Joe Brady
To illustrate my lighting technique, I shot tethered and projected the images on an Elite portable screen for the group to see. In the studio, I always shoot tethered.

In addition to thanking all the students for joining the speedlite photo fun, I want to thank Joe Brady from the Mac Group for lending his expertise - indoors and out! See photo below - where Joe, seated, is illustrating daylight fill-in flash.

I also want to thank my friends at FJ Westcott for helping out with the lighting accessories and backgrounds.

And last but certainly not least, we all want to thank our beautiful model for the day, Laurence Yang. You were terrific.

I hope to see you on one of my Master Your Flash/Canon Speedlite Photo Session workshops - or on any of my Croton workshops or USA Workshops.

Shoot me an email to get on my Master Your Flash/Canon Speedlite Photo Sessions.

This just in: a gallery of fun behind-the-scenes shots by Dick Higdon. Thanks, Dick, for sharing!

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One Light Speedlite Wonders

Today was the last day of my Croton Creative Workshop. We did it all during the past three days: indoors, outdoors, HDR, speedlites, reflectors/diffusers Lightroom, Photograph, people, etc.

This afternoon we focused on speedlite photography - using only one one light and one reflector. The main purpose of this session was to demonstrate different lighting techniques. Had this been a serious studio shoot, I would have ironed the background.

Above is one of my favorites shots. It illustrates that you can indeed get cool lighting with one light.

Above is a behind-the-scenes shots taken by workshop student Danel Hernendez.

Notice that the soft box is not pointed directly at the subject. Rather, it's pointed in front of the subject. In doing so, the light falling on the subject is soft and flattering. This is called feathering the light.

Also note: the larger the light, the softer the light; the closer the light, the softer the light.

The cool painted background was provided by Westcott.

The softbox on the left is a Westcott Apollo soft box.

The gold reflector on the right is from the Westcott 6-in-1 reflector diffuser kit.

I am shooting with my Canon 7D and 24-105mm lens.

The Canon 580EX II in the softbox is fired from the Canon ST-E2 mounted in the hot-shoe of my camera.

Here are the links to some of the gear:

Canon 580EX II Speedlite

Westcott 6-1 Kit
Westcott 1032 6-in-1 Reflector Kit 42in.

One of the cool things about my studio workshops is that the students can see the results of their work during the shooting sessions.

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P.S. See more lighting techniques on my October creativeLive class.

My Light It! App Is Loaded with Lighting Tips

Looking for some basic lighting tips? Check out my best-selling app, Rick Sammon's Light It!

If you don't want to read this long blog post, click here see the intro movie (posted on SmugMug) - which includes a mini-lesson on lighting :-)

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My Light It! app, introduced in August 2010, is designed to help you make (not just take) professional-quality digital SLR people pictures – without spending a small fortune on professional lighting accessories. It's ideal for photographers who want to learn about shooting with an accessory flash and basic lighting accessories. Some of my favorite photo philosophies are included, too.

The 1.5 hour training app (packed with 1.5 GB of info) includes both video lessons and before/after photographs. At 1.5 GB you want to download Light It! from your home computer and then transfer it to your iPad. 

Yes! Light It! is large and will take some time to download. Maybe download before going to bed.

I took the illustrative photographs with a range of Canon digital SLR cameras – from entry-level to top-of-the-line models. While watching the video lessons, you’ll learn how pros photograph people indoors and outdoors, in bright light and in low light, at home and on location, and even in a studio. In looking at the photographs in Light It! you’ll see the effects of my recommended techniques.

In the easy-to-follow and fun video lessons I’ll show you how to use reflectors, diffusers, a flash, flash accessories, basic strobe kits, basic hot-light kits and more. I also cover camera settings, as well as some of my photo philosophies. Although I often refer to specific cameras, the basic camera settings can be applied to any digital SLR - and even some compact cameras.

Two of the videos in Light It! – Top 21 People Photography Tips and Top Ten Digital Photography Tips – feature some of my favorite digital SLR pictures from around the world, accompanied with how-to tips, of course!

Light It! is a basic, or starter, app about lighting. However, as you will see, pros use many of these techniques and accessories to get great shots. 

The movies for Light It!, shot by Emmy-award winner David Leveen, are divided into five sections:

Basics: 33 Minutes
Outdoors: 15 Minutes
In Your Home: 16 Minutes
On-Location: 12 Minutes
Studio Shooting: 23 Minutes

Hey! I told you Light It! is loaded with lighting info!

The total viewing time is about 1.5 hours.What’s more, I have included more than 100 end-result pictures in the app to illustrate the techniques I discuss in the lessons. So in effect, Light It! is like taking a private lesson with me – but only at your own pace.

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I hope you enjoy Light It! Let me know by shooting me an email.

Explore the Light – and explore the joy of lightingpeople photography.

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June 12: Cool Studio Shoot in Hot 'Lanta

If you live in Hot 'Lanta and want to learn studio lighting, click here.  Rob Knight and I have a few spots open on our cool lighting workshop.

If you want to see how I created the above photograph, click here.

Here's a quick tip on studio lighting: When you think you need two lights, use one light; when you think you need three lights, use one light. It's amazing what you can do with one light - as a stand-alone or when used with a reflector or diffuser.

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