Six Gifts For Speedlite Shooters - Six Days of Speedlite Tips Starts Tomorrow

Left: speedlite. Right: no speedlite.

Left: speedlite. Right: no speedlite.

In today's post, I'm listed my top accessories for speedlite shooters. They make great gifts for your loved one . . . and even yourself. Tomorrow you'll find a cool series here on my blog: Six Days of Speedlite Shooting Tips.

Okay, here are my recommendations for the speedlite shooter in your family.


Westcott Apollo 28-inch Softbox.
With a recessed panel, this softbox lets you soften the light and direct the light, much more so than when using an umbrella.

Honl Gel Kit.
Lets you add color to the light from your speedlite.

Honl 1/8" Grid.
Lets you focus the light. My photograh on the right was taken with a gel and grid.

Tether Tools Essentials Pack.
If you shoot in the studio, this pack lets
you hookup your camera to your computer for larger viewing of your images.

Rechargeable batteries and pack.
Speedlites need power. Rechargeable batteries are the way to go.

Eye-Fi SD Card.
An alternative to shooting tethered, this card lets you transmit picture from your camera to your computer.

I teach speedlite shooting on my group and private workshops.

I hope you can join the speedlite fun someday.

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This post sponsored by Westcott. Check 'em out for all your lighting needs.

A behind-the-scenes shot from one of my workshops.

A behind-the-scenes shot from one of my workshops.