Africa Workshop: "Sammon Sushi Savings"

Photograph by Andy Williams.jpg

Today's guest post is by my friend Andy Williams, a fellow photographer and sushi lover.

I just love Rick's post on "Photo Workshop vs. Photo Tour." Check it out before you sign up for a workshop.

At my workshops, you will come away exhausted, I promise! It's all photography, all the time. 

The best advice I can give workshop students is that when you're in a class or on a workshop, stick to the instructor like GLUE (another one of Rick's Sammonisms)! Ask questions, be in their face… that's what you are paying for :) 

Rick and I agree, there's one thing that we are at: we're not good mind readers!

OK, so how about a tip?  Here's one of my favorites. Just because the sun has gone down, it doesn't mean you put your camera away!  Here's a photo I took while on safari in South Africa this past June –  taken almost an hour past sunset at ISO 6400 on a Canon 5D Mark III. As the sun is gone, light is low –  and it's critically important to maintain a high shutter speed to capture sharp shots and action. This is something I'm always reminding my guests about, because everyone thinks that they must shoot at the lowest ISO possible.  

Not true. Be ready for anything, and do NOT be afraid to take the ISO up to 6400 or beyond.  Getting the shot is most important, and today's cameras have amazing high ISO capabilities. 

So what does the "Sammon Sushi Savings" have to do with this post? Well . . .

Rick and I recently met for Sushi and we were talking about photo workshops. We thumb-wrestled, and I lost! But my loss is your gain. Rick said that I had to give something to Rick Sammon Followers, so here it is: I'm leading a workshop in Kenya, February 2013 and there's one spot open. For Rick's followers, there's a special offer, right now, good only for a few days, $2000 off the tuition!

I hope to see you in Africa, or for sushi with Rick and yours truly.


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