What Does Your Photography Mean to You?

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One of the aspects of my workshops that I - and the participants - especially enjoy is when we get together as a group and I ask, "What does your photography mean to you?"

This is an interesting exercise, as some of the workshop participants have to think, carefully, for the first time, about the meaning of their photography.

So I'm asking you, "What does YOUR photography mean to you?" Post a comment below here on my blog so all can see. More important, in verbalizing your thoughts, you might gain some insight in the importance of your photography.

Here are some of the comments that were shared last year.

- An escape.
- A way of seeing more deeply.
- My social life.
- A way I write my history.
- Love and happiness.
- A happy accident.
- I have no choice. Freedom.
- Owning art.
- Back to my roots.
- Because of it I'm living today.
- Staying fresh.
- Art heals.
- I have to see with new eyes every day or else I'm nothing.
- I see better when I make art.
- Personal evolution.
- Living Legacy.
- Saved my life
- Let me be a kid again.

Again, I look forward to your comments. I always hear something new, and inspiring.

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