Take Tiffen Dfx For A Test Drive

sammon halo.jpg

Readers of my blog, as well as the dedicated photographers who attend my workshops and seminars, know that I am big on using creative plug-ins. Not only are plug-ins fun to use, but they can help awaken the artist within. Plug-ins can also help us create our own photographic reality by altering the color,  tone, sharpness, brightness, contrast and perhaps most important, the mood of an image.

All the plug-ins I use are listed on my Save on Creative Plug-ins page. Check out that page to save a few bucks on plug-ins - especially on bundles.

In this post, I'll share a few examples of Tiffen Dfx filters that I applied to my favorite Cuba car photographs. If you have not used this cool plug-in, take it for a test drive during a 15-day trail version.

Above: Halo Effect/Light Filter

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 5.31.21 PM.png

Above: Screen Grab.

rick sammon1.jpg

Above: Original Image.

sammon looks.jpg

Above: Special Effects/Looks.

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 5.41.10 PM.png

Above: Screen Grab.

sammon original.jpg

Above: Original Image.

sammpon film lab two strip.jpg

Above: Image/Color Correct. (Hey, I was not correcting color, just having fun!)

Screen Shot 2012-12-27 at 5.47.19 PM.png

Above: Screen Grab.

sammon chevy.jpg

Above: Original image.

rs b.jpg

Above: Special Effects/Day for Night.

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 9.14.28 AM.png

Above: Screen Grab.

rs a.jpg

Above: Original image.

Again, check out my Plug-ins page to save on creative plug-ins.

I hope to see you on one of my workshops - where we can have fun playing with plug-ins, as well as striving for the best possible straight shot.

If you'll be at CES in Vegas next month, you can catch me at the Canon and Tiffen booths giving seminars.

Explore the light,

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