If I Could Recommend Only One . . .

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It's a tough choice, but I was thinking that if I could recommend only one camera, one lens, one accessory, and so on, what would it be? So I got to thinking and put together this list. Here goes.

Camera: Canon 70D - With 20 Megapixeles, built-in wireless, full HD movie and vair-angle touch screen, this is a feature-packed camera at a great price.

Lens: Canon 24-105mm IS lens - This is my go-to lens for people and street photograhy. It's also good for landscapes and environmental widlife photography.

rick sammon north wales.jpg

Filter: Tiffen 2-8 Stop ND Filter -  If you enjoy photographing moving water, this filter will help you get slow shutter speeds even in bright light.

Memory Card: Lexar 16GB Professional Compact Flash Card - Check out my Travel Galleries here on my site. All those pictures were captured on Lexar cards.

Camera Bag: Lowerpro Vertex 300 - This is the bag that has been with me around the world – in rain, sleet, show and ice.


Lightin Accessory: Westcott 28-inch Apollo - I used this softbox to create my "Girl with a Pearl Earrning image.

Reflector/Diffuser Kit - Well, I guess I have to recommend my own kit: Rick Sammon's On-Location Lighting Kit. It comes with a cool tote and even a diffuser for your flash.

Calibration Device: Color Munki - It does not matter: If you are into true color or your color, you need to calibrate your monitor and printer. This cool device does the trick, quickly and easily.

Tripod: Induro CT214 - Don't skimp out on a tripod. If you do, you'll just wind up getting a better one . . . eventually.

rick sammon wales.jpg

Ballhead: Induro BHL1 - For flexibility in the field, for vertical and horizontal shots, this ballhead can't be beat for the price.

Camera Strap: Black Rapid - Yes! It does take some time to get used to seeing your camera hang upside down, but this strap offers the fasting shooting possible.

Portable Hard Drive: Western Digital Passport 2TB - On the road you gotta back up. It's a must. This portable drive not only stores your images, but it can be password protected.

Home Hard Drive: Western Digital Thunderbold 4TB - If you are as hyper as I am, this Thunderbold drive - with 1280 MBps (10GBsp) - is for you.

Printer: Canon Pro 10 - This wi-fi printer, with a resolution of 4800x 2400, produces beautiful color and black and white images - thanks, in part, to its Chroma Optimizer.

Web site: Squarespace -  I switched to Sqsuarepsace a little over a year ago. Squarespeace makes it soooo easy for me to post, update, blog, add images and so on. What's more, it's fun!

Expore the light,