Nature Photographer Alex Morley Takes On NYC

1 Manhattan_Sunrise.jpg

I recently attended a photography workshop in New York City. This was a challenge for me as I am a landscape and wildlife photographer. Rick Sammon inspires me to photograph everything. As Rick says, “I specialize in not specializing”. I grew up in rural Wyoming and practice medicine in Eugene, Oregon, so NYC was definitely out of my element.

2 ESB_Brooklyn_Bridge.jpg

Of course I started off with cityscapes. That was easy. They are like landscapes. Get to a great location and follow the light.

Shooting the Brooklyn Bridge was also relatively easy too. Find a composition that’s good. Then do black and white.


Many people love having their photo taken, but a few do not. You have to be careful not to make anyone’s day worse for taking the photo. And if you do take a photo, it’s great to interact and show the image to them. I was surprised at how many wonderful, kind, and interesting people there are in this city of 8 million.

“Walk slowly. Be open. Have a reason for shooting the picture, joy, information, color narrative, etc. What- ever you shoot there should be a trigger.” - Jay Maisel.


6 Dog_Walker_Eldridge_St.jpg

One of the great things with street photography in a diverse city like NYC is that you have no idea what you will find. Moments open up and will surprise you.  Paws up!


So, I think I am a better photographer after challenging my limits in the big city. I know I am a better person. As Rick says, “We are a part of everyone we meet”.

I still like my cityscapes, though . . . . 

14 Moon_WTC_Sunset.jpg

“You must learn to run through the snow without leaving footprints” - Zen saying. Good advice for photographers.


Thank you Rick for having me as a guest blogger!