We Have a Ton of Fun My Photo Workshops

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If you are new to my digital photography workshops, here's the thing: sure, we work hard at making and processing our pictures. But we also have a ton of fun, as illustrated by this group shot from my Oregon Coast Photo Caravan.

We have plenty of time to shoot and process our images. That processing time, by the way, is very, very important. It's a great way to learn and to grow as a photographer and image-maker. In those sessions, you see what you are doing right and doing wrong.

What's more, you can look over the shoulders of the other photographers in the group to see how they are shooting and processing. Of course, I am there to share with you my digital darkroom tips, tricks and techniques.

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You may have heard of workshops where there are no processing sessions (or maybe just 1). That's a big missed opportunity for learning. So, if you attend one of my workshops, I encourage you to attend all those sessions. But, if you are tired and have jet lag, take a nap and we'll catch you later.

I will be with you most of the time - from dawn to dusk and beyond. If you are traveling alone, you will always have someone to hang out with - if you so choose. Again, you may have heard of workshops where the leader drops the group off and says, "We'll meet back here in three hours." I know of one workshop where that actually happened three times! That will not happen on my workshops.

You will be part of a team, working toward the same goal: to make great pictures and to have fun doing just that!

We have a welcome dinner during which we'll all get to know each other. We also have a goodbye dinner and a group slide show.

That group slide show is, for me personally, the highlight of a workshop. That's when we all see the fruits of our hard work.

Finally, I have found that the more one puts into a workshop, the more one gets out of the workshop. So ask questions, make friends, get to know the other workshop participants. Have fun. Be fun.

I hope to see you on one of my workshops. 

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