Save 10% On Any Alien Skin Plug-in Until Aug 15th


Yes! I have been accused and convicted of using Performance Enhancing Plug-ins -  including plug-ins from Alien Skin Software. 

Alien Skin Software offers a bunch of cool plug-ins: Exposure 5, Blow Up 3, Snap Art 3, Bokeh 2 and Eye Candy 7.

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 11.26.44 AM.png

I used Exposure 5 to create the opening image for this post. You can save 10% on any Alien Skin plug-in until August 15th by using this code – RSA1308 – upon checkout from the Alien Skin web site.

Talk about variations! Exposure 5 offers endless creative options for photographers with Performance Enhancing Plug-in addictions. :-) 


Above is my original image.

Check out my Save on Plug-ins page for savings on all the plug-ins I use. 

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