Who Says a Tripod Can't Be Fun?

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Hey Gang! Who says a tripod can't be fun, as well as functional? Not me. And not MeFoto. These guys recently introduced a line of cool, colorful and sturdy tripods that are also lightweight and compact: great for street and indoor photography.

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 2.24.58 PM.png

I like the gold-color model, but check out the other colors and make your own tripod fashion statement.

These tripods are not meant to support super, heavy-duty telephoto lenses. Again, they are great for street photography and for photographing indoors in low-light situations. 

For shooting with long lenses and in the field, I use my Induro CT214 Carbon Fiber tripod with my Induro BHD2 Dual-Action Ball head. That set up is kinda fun, too!

Speaking of low-light and street shooting, here is a favorite low-light street shot that I took on my Route 66 Road Trip earlier this year. 

rick sammon.jpg

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