My Holiday Gift Gear Recos For Serious DSLR Photographers

Got a loved one who is mega into digital SLR photography? If so, here are my 2014 Holiday Gift Gear Recos.

Above: You can't go wrong with a good tripod/ballhead combo and a cool backpack. Shown here: Induro CT214 Carbon Fiber tripod (with Induro BHD1 Ball Head) and Lowepro Fastpack 250.

Know a travel photographer (like me)? Back-up drives are a must! My favorite: the G-tech 500GB G-Drive mini.

rick sammon iceland 2 copy.jpg

For the waterfall lover in your life, an ND filter will help him/her create that silky water effect. I recommend the Tiffen 2-8 Stops Variable ND Filter.

Some photographers like to shoot in the rain, sleet and snow. For those shooters, there's the super affordable Opt Tech Rain Sleeve (circled above).

For the people photographer in your life, my Rick Sammon's Light Controller and Tote can help turn their snapshots into great shots.

Above: That's me using my kit in Kenya. See my portrait in my One Week on the Mara gallery.

Need accurate color in your studio shots? Check out the Passport Color Checker.

Need accurate color outdoors? The Passport Color Checker can be used there, too! I took the shots above during my Rick's Backyard/Croton-on-Hudson, NY photo workshop.

For the two-camera photographer in your life, the Black Rapid Duo Strap offers . . . that's right: easy access to two cameras so he/she does not miss a shot.

Want to give the gift that keeps on giving? Give a photo workshop! I offer several here in the US and around the world.

Looking to give a book as a gift? Check out these three books.

Happy Holidays,

P.S. All my gear is listed on My Gear page.