Announcing Digital Photo Express Workshops

rick sammon workshops.jpg

Want to learn photography and Photoshop/Lightroom at express speeds?  Want to turn a snapshot into a great shot? Join one of my 2015 Digital Photo Express Workshops.

The photo express processing for the top image in this post took less than 10 minutes. The process:

1) carefully cropped;
2) straightened in Photoshop;
3) used a combo of Detail Extractor (Nik Color Efex Pro) and Photoshop's Highlight/Shadow adjustment.
4) reduced noise with Topaz DeNoise - best way I have found to reduce noise. See my Plug-ins page for more info and a 15% discount.
5) converted to B&W using Topaz B&W Effects, also listed on my Plug-ins page.

Hop on the Digital Photo Express - and let the photo learning and fun begin!

You wanna learn it? I'm here to teach it – and that includes portrait lighting. Before (bad/left) and after (good/right) pair of images above.

Explore the light,