A Business Lesson From Genghis Khan’s Wife

I took the opening image for this post in Mongolia during a reenactment of a Genghis Khan attack. Talk about action photography!

Looking at these dudes, charging at full speed with their bows and arrows ready to fire, made me realize how Khan was able to create such a vast kingdom – the largest in the world at the time! Obviously, his warriors worked together as a team to scare the heck out of those in Khan’s path.

When Khan died, his wife brought together their four sons. She held a single arrow in her hands and easily snapped it. Then she held four arrows and tried to snap them. She could not.

She said (in Mongolian, obviously) “Stand together and you will be strong. Alone, you will be weak, easily broken.”

Well, the younger Khans stood alone, and that was the end of the Great Mongolian Empire.

Moral of this story: In business, working together as a team is usually better than working alone.

Don’t make enemies could be another one :-)

Stick together - don't ride alone.

P.S. I teach action photography on select workshops.