Why KelbyOne is #1 in Combining On-Line Video Training, Live Events and Member Benefits

KelbyOne is #1 when it comes to combining on-line courses and live-learning - and in putting on one of the coolest learning opportunities for photographers: Photoshop World, where I had the honor of being one of the instructors this past week.

Sure, one of the reasons I like these guys is because they did a great job producing the 14 on-line classes I have on their site.

In my classes I show end-result images and behind-the-scenes shots. Here I am showing some Sri Lanka stick fishermen some of the images I took of them with my Canon 5D Mark IV and 24-105mm IS lens.

But then again, the KelbyOne team does a great job on all its classes, taught by the top pros in the industry, many of whom are my friends!

But there's more:

As a KelbyOne member, you also have access to nationwide seminars and Lightroom Magazine and cool discounts.

And don't forget The Grid (airs every Wednesday at 4 PM Eastern), which is a free, weekly KelbyOne on-line program that can help you become a better photographer. It was a blast being Scott's guest a few months ago. Check out the show!

Scott also has an awesome blog, Photoshop Insider.

Here is another reason why KelbyOne is #1: It starts at the top. :-)

Explore the light,

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P.S. Actually . . . the main reason KelbyOne is #1 in my book: the have cool hats!