Today's Guest Blogger: Ellen Denuto

I’d like to begin by thanking my old friend Rick for inviting me to be included in his blog.

The images seen here are from the days when we first worked together. They are some of my favorites and photographs that attracted the attention of art directors and galleries at the beginning of my career.

I recently was invited to exhibit these old school “selfies” at the CERES gallery in Chelsea which were taken long before the word existed.

It might be hard to imagine in this age of immediacy, that these self portraits were taken with a manual Hassleblad, black and white film, self timer and tripod- without any assistance or mirrors.

A photographer had to really understand how aperture, film speed, and depth of field combinations were used to create a successful image.

Originally shown as silver prints, I enjoyed the opportunity to scan my wonderful old negatives and print them once again only this time using the latest technology and fine art papers. The resulting prints are absolutely stunning.

The exhibition Out and Out runs through the end of January. Please see links below.

Ceres Gallery

My web site

Musee Magazine