Excerpt #4: Creative Visualization for Photographers

This week on my blog: I am running excerpts from my latest book, Creative Visualization for Photographers. Both the e-book and paperback versions are available!

Excerpt #4

The space-time continuum is a mathematical model that combines space and time into a single idea. That concept came to mind when I took this photograph of a lenticular cloud near Mt. Rainier in Washington state - where I am leading a photo workshops in 2016.

If you had been there, you might have chosen a different space (composition) for your photograph. You might have taken a wider or tighter shot, or you may have composed your image vertically.

What about time? You may not have pressed the shutter release button at exactly the same time as I had, so the clouds might have been in slightly different position. You also may not have used the same shutter speed that I used, which could have affected the movement of the clouds in your photograph.

Back home, you probably would have processed the image differently, perhaps making it a more saturated images or a black-and-white image.

When you think about, a photograph you take is a singe idea – of your individual vision. Acting on your ideas, and accomplishing your goals, will give you a good feeling about your work.

With your photographs, you convey, and share with others, your own individual feelings with time (moment you take the shot) and space (your exact composition).

That's kinda cool - and you should be happy that you are a photographer!

Explore the light,