One Landscape Photograph: 10 Tips

Above: Mount Rainier, 2011. Click image to enlarge.

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In looking at this image, I thought I'd try to give as many tips as possible. Here goes.

1) Use a slow shutter speed to blur the water. 1/4 sec. used here.
2) Expose for the highlights - always shoot with your histogram and highlight alert activated.
3) Get max depth-of-field. Use a wide-angle lens, small aperture and focus 1/3 into the scene.
4) Crop creatively, and know that cropping gives us a second chance at composition.
5) Use a foreground element to add a sense of depth to an image.
6) Keep a micro-fiber cloth handy to clean your lens around waterfalls.
7) Keep your camera dry by using a rain cover.
8) Use a sturdy tripod to steady your camera during long exposures.
9)  Process creatively to create a mood - the more important element in a photograph.
10) Work with a good guide who can offer suggestions on where to make good images.

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