I was going to title this blog post, "With a Little Help From My Friends," the title of another Beatles song, but then I remembered something that my brother Bob once told me: One-word sentences can be effective. Very. :-) Thanks, Bob.

Beatles song titles will run throughout this post. I will use them to share a story (business lesson) about a fellow pro – a pro (who I had helped a few times) opted not to help me with a small request. I think, but I could be wrong, that the pro thought I was competition.

"With a Little Help From My Friend." - I've had a lot of help over the years. Some of the help came from photographers you've never heard of, and some of the help was from world-famous photographers. The pros who helped me were happy to help. They did not see me as a competitor, and I feel the same way about them. Here's why.

I enjoy helping my fellow pros. More than a few have been Guest Bloggers here on my site, and I have interviewed more than a few for the Digital Photo Experience podcast, which I co-host with my friend Juan Pons. Juan has also helped many pros with his interviews.

Many pros offer the same services (workshops) and products (books, on-line classes, etc.) that I do. It's friendly competition . . . in my book anyway.

The path to greatness is along with others.

The path to greatness is along with others.

"All Together Now" - True professionals feel as though we are all in this together, and that by helping others, we are helping ourselves. They follow the "All Together Now" philosophy.

That philosophy is summed up in this quote: "The path to greatness is along with others." - Baltasar Gracion, Spanish Priest

That, my friend, is the message of this post.

"Don't Let Me Down" - The pro, who I thought was a friend, let me down. At first I was upset, I felt as though the pro was "Bad to Me." I started to write an emotional email, because I thought the pro was my friend, and because I had helped the pro. But I did not click Send.

"Let It Be." - I figured it was best just to let it be, because, as someone who helped me once said, "Never let your emotions influence your business decisions."

"Come Together." - My message for photographers, and all professionals starting out, is this: Come together. Look at your associates as friendly competitors.

"Come together right now . . . ."

"If I Needed Someone" - If you don't work together, and if you are a "Nowhere Man" working along, someday you may need some "Help!" And when you ask for help, you may get, "No Reply."

Getting back to the pro who inspired this post, I say/sing: "Ob-la-di-ob-la- da." Life goes on.

Explore the light,

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