Favorite Photographs From The Conwy Valley, North Wales

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I’ve been very fortunate in my life – traveling to, and photographing in, just about 100 countries, often on my photo workshops.

I am often asked, “What was your favorite place?” I respond, “I have many favorite places, but one of my favorites is the Conwy Valley in North Wales, which I have explored on two occasions.” 

Here's why:

One: I love photographing horses, and the white horses of the Conwy Valley are some of the most beautiful horses I have encountered. You do need some luck, however, to find them  – and I had good luck on my 2012 and 2013 trips. 

Two: I like to photograph old churches and chapels. During my first visit I made one of my favorite HDR (high dynamic range) chapel photographs.

Three: I spent several hours photographing Conwy Castle on my first trip. It’s hard to run out of photo possibilities at this awesome location. There is also lots of history here for history buffs.

Four: If you like exploring and photographing waterfalls (and rivers and streams), the Conwy Valley is paradise. I made this photograph at a place called, Fairy Glen – and it’s featured in my new book, Creative Visualization for Photographers.  

Five: During both of my visits, I made my home – and felt at home – in Llanrwst. It’s a great walking city with lots of photo opportunities, as well as great restaurants. Llanrwst was our jumping off point for all the nearby sites. If you are looking to stay at a wonderful bed and breakfast check out the Meadowsweet Hotel. If you stay there, say hi to Nelson (the owner) for me.

 Six: The Conwy Valley is a landscape photographer’s paradise. This photograph from a mountaintop says it better than I can say in words. (To learn more about landscape photography, check out my on-line class: Master Landscape and Seascape Photography.  Save $10 with this code: landscapes.

Seven: I was the leader of  photo walks on my two visits. On both walks I made new friends, many of whom I keep in touch with on social media. Great fun and great groups! This is the group photo of my last group.

Here are some videos that I made during my visits to the Conway Valley:

Composition – the strongest way of see: 

Quick HDR Tip: 

Lenses for Landscape Photography 

Having Fun with Filters

How to Use Shadows

How to Photograph White Horses

Another Quick HDR Tip 

If you love new photo destinations, check out the beautiful Conwy Valley in North Wales. Hey! Maybe you’ll see me shooting there.

Explore the light,
Rick Sammon