Canon Fossil Rim Widlife Center Photo Workshop Review – great photos, great group, great fun!

I'm just back from helping photographers make great images on our May 2015 Canon Live Learning Destination Workshop at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas. Teaching was great fun – and so was making new photographer friends!

The workshop, like all my workshops, was divided into three sections: shooting, image processing and a group slide show. The slide show/group critique session is a very important part of the workshop, because everyone has the opportunity to share their favorite photographs, and comment on the photographs of the other photographers.

On this workshop, as well as on all Canon Live Learning Workshops, participants had the opportunity to try out/shoot with some of the latest Canon gear. Popular lenses (great for all wildlife photography) included the Canon 100-400mm IS, Canon 400mm, and Canon 200-400mm IS with a built-in 1.4x tele-converter. For action shots, the participants got to "test drive" the Canon 1Dx and Canon 7D Mark II. Me? I shot with my trusty Canon 5D Mark III.

In this post I’ll share with you my favorite image from each participant. Here goes, in no particular order. Congrats to all the photographers for making great images.

Above: Mark L Burdette

Above: Chandra Boooks

Above: Chris Duca

Above: Darrell Crisp

Above: Deborah Cole

Above: Eric McCartney

Above: Jay Rienkenberg

Above: Jerry Rega

Above: JJ Riekenberg

Above: John Landis

Above: Kristi Ellis

Above: Myra Rega

Above: A big "thank you" goes to Fossil Rim’s COO (and my friend) Kelly Snodgrass for organizing some very special shooting sessions for our group. Our thanks also goes to our drivers – Jan, Gerry and Trish - who expertly positioned us for our shots. A big "thank you" also goes to the entire staff at Fossil Rim for making our stay a totally awesome experience.

Above: Here is a one of my own favorite images from the workshop. This baby giraffe is only about two months old. I grabbed the shot with my Canon 25-105mm IS lens as the animal ran by our vehicle.

Above: After helping the workshop participants get their shots of the cheetahs, I grabbed a quick shot at the end of the session with the Canon 200-400mm IS lens with a built in 1.4x converter. It's kind of a lucky shot. :-)

Sure, I was the on-site Canon Explorer of Light pro, but we all learned from each other – which is one of the cool aspects of a photography workshop.

Adding to the learning experience was Market Star’s David Coy, who knows just about everything about every Canon camera, lens and speedlite. David also made awesome prints for each participant on a Canon printer.

Canon’s Danielle Rocco, who planned the workshop with me, was on site to keep the group glued together. She did a great job - except for when she stepped on a nest of fire ants and got unglued (understandably so) for a few minutes. Ouch!!!!!

My next Canon EOS Live Learning Destination Workshop will be in Atlanta, Georgia in October. We'll shoot at the Southeastern Railway Museum (above) and Old Car City (below). I hope you can join the fun. Click here for info. Be sure to read what's included! You will not find another Old Car City/Southeastern Railway Museum workshop like it.

Shoot me an email if you are interested in a 2016 Canon EOS Fossil Rim Wildlife Center Live Learning Destination Workshop. Space will be limited.

For a more exotic wildlife photography experience, join me in Botswana and South Africa in 2016. Click here for info.

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